Brian Urlacher Retires After Thirteen Season In The NFL

Brian Urlacher Retires After Thirteen Season In The NFL


Former Chicago Bear linebacker Brian Urlacher retired this week after thirteen seasons in the NFL. He stated he was very proud to have spent his whole career on one team,  a remarkable feat in the salary cap era where cap casualties are a common.

During his career Brian Urlacher amassed a whopping 1353 tackles, 41.5 sacks, 22 interceptions, and two touchdowns over 13 years (missed all but one game in 09 due to injury). He was clearly one of the best cover linebackers ever to play and was a fierce competitor and leader of a great Chicago Bears defense.

After a long successful career with the Bears it seemed picking up on another team was too much for the tired Urlacher citing that he didn’t want to have to work at the level to play in the NFL any longer. He also noted that he always wanted to wrap his career up having only wore one uniform and that it was something special for him.

He did state that if former Bears head coach Lovey Smith was still there that he would be returning for one more year. Urlacher also cited that despite rumors about a few teams ( Vikings, Cowboys, and Cardinals) being interested in his services he said it was not all that much. When asked if he knew that if the interest in his services would be this low would he had taken the offer by Chicago, Urlacher answered no due to not liking the way it was offered. Having injury issues last season, and in the past, it is best he leaves the game without any major injuries watching his skills fading away in an unfamiliar jersey.

Whether Brian makes it to the Hall Of Fame is likely not the question , but rather does he make it in on the first ballot with Ray Lewis also going on the same year? I personally believe he is a first ballot but with another player at the same position, with better stats, and going out on top with a Lombardi Trophy, it is not out the realm of possibility that it takes him a year or two.

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