Broncos Vs Chiefs Odds and Betting Picks

Hosts “Bar Stool Pyrotechnician” Randy Man and our own “Little Fire-Cracker” Gabriela Gordon light the match on this explosive match up between two of the NFL’s best teams. Oddsmakers currently have the Broncos vs Chiefs odds set at -7 1/2 in favor of Denver.
The Chiefs come into this match up riding their best start in franchise history at 9 and 0. It has not been pretty getting there with several close games, but when you remember that this team struggled to win any games in 2012, it is a phenominal feat. Up to this point for the Chiefs squad the 2013 season has been a true worst to first scenario built for a movie script lead by best actor and head coach “the Walrus” Andy Reid in his first season with the franchise. This game versus the Broncos will be one of the big make or brake scenes in the Kansas City story as we will find out if they are a contender or a pretender. All that said, The point spread has to be locker room wall material for KC as they ride into Denver as over a touchdown underdog depite their unblemished record.

Denver comes into this match up as the current favorite to win the Super Bowl. Apart from their small hiccup in Peyton mannings homecoming to Indy, the broncos are perfect on the season and ripping apart defenses along the way. There are some questions with Peyton’s health and he missed some practices with ankle issues suffered over the last few games. The return of ProBowl linebacker Vonn Miller to the Bronco’s Defensive line up is a huge boost for Denver’s pass rush and will make it a much longer day for the Chiefs offense.

Lets now turn it over to our esteemed video Hosts to get the fireworks going on this huge Sunday Night NFL Betting match up.

NFL Football Odds

Show Transcript:

Howdy & Welcome to Barstool Blathering:

Where we engineer Sport & Wit into finely crafted bottle rockets—Celebrating Competition like everyday is the 4th of July— BANG BANG!!

I’m your host and Pyro-technician, Randy Mann….

Let’s talk some NFL –

As the Ball Tolls….

Week 11 has got some stellar matchups!

Let’s bring in our favorite football lovin’ feline- Gabi to tell you which games we’re going to cover today.

Gabi- what’s looking good this week?

GABI: Thanks Randy– Hey whats up guys! Yes we’ve got some amazing games this weekend starting with Sunday Night’s primetime featuring two of the best in the league as Kansas City goes undefeated into Denver.

Then on Monday Night, Superman Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers play host to MY Superman, Tom Brady, and the Patriots.

RANDY: Sounds like a whole lotta SuperHeroes be flying about this weekend, Gabi!

Plus on Sunday we got The 49ers heading into the Big Easy to face the red hot Saints.

And if you’re a POWER RANKINGS fan – All three of these games contain 6 of the top 8 teams in the league.

Ok, so KC and Denver –

Change is good! Said the new coach & quarterback of Kansas City!

The Walrus was Paul – But Andy Reid…
Well, he’s brought some mystique & magic to the smokin’ hot Chiefs. And who knows, Alex Smith may have the last laugh yet, if he and the Chiefs can maintain their momentum.

This is the first of two meetings against Denver over the next 3 weeks. I LIKE IT!!!

On Monday, Peyton Manning had an MRI of his old leg & injury suffered against the Chargers. But He appears to be ready to go in this Sunday’s duel.

And Knowshon Moreno ‘DON’T KNOW SHON’ says Jamaal Charles as he aims to win this fantasy battle at the RB position.

Gabi—What kind of spread are we looking at?

GABI: Randy, this game opened as high as 9.5 but has since settled at Denver -8 points.

The total is 49 and holding.

These teams are almost the same in their ATS results-

But for what it is worth, KC is 4-0 ATS in away games this year. They are plus 3 Dollars on the money line?

Riddle me this Batman— IF Denver is 8-1 and KC is 9-0, then how are the undefeated Chiefs such a dog in this matchup?

RANDY: Great question Gabi- been asking myself that all week.

Chiefs boast the # 1 Defense in the league and Denver has the # 1 Offense— and we’re looking at an 8 point gap?

Apparently, KC’s #1 Defense and current record have not impressed oddsmakers the same way Denver’s # 1 offense has.

Home field advantage and the Manning Factor have levied a heavy spread from the books.

Seems they want the market to bark dog in this one.

Well then, Who’s it gonna be Gabi? The Chiefs or Broncos?

GABI: I’m sorry, Randy… Did you say The Walrus was Paul?

RANDY: I did indeedy sweety! like your style – don’t change a thing!

We’ll be sure and cite John Lennon, as well as Andy Reid in this one.

That said, Go Chiefs!

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