Buffalo Bills Have Made It No Secret They Are Out For A Franchise QB

Buffalo Bills Have Made It No Secret They Are Out For A Franchise QB

After releasing QB Ryan Fitzpaterick the Buffalo Bills have made it no secret that they are out for a franchise QB this draft. GM Buddy Nix recently couldn’t wait to state on a Friday morning radio show without being asked on the subject “ Let me say this, I think there’s a time that in the era that you’re in and the development of your team, there’s a time when you can move up a round to take a quarterback. I think the time’s now for us.”

He would have been wise to trade up last year with RG3 available, even though it would have cost them a lot of picks, it would have given them their franchise QB. Now the only QB worth trading up for is Geno Smith who has been getting great pro day work out reviews.

When you pick eighth in the draft there are going to be teams and possibly seven of them before you that are in the need for a QB. Luckily for the Bills a few things transpired whether it be the teams ahead of them selecting a QB in recent drafts or already having a solid starter that helps Buffalo in their cause for possibly seeing Geno Smith go number eight to them.

Drafting first the Chiefs have traded for Alex Smith this off-season and Jaguars who pick second took Blaine Gabbert tenth overall in 2011. Philadelphia Eagles picking fourth have expressed interest in scouting Smith but do not look to be in need of a QB with Vick and a young Nick Foles who they really like backing him up.

The Detroit Lions have Matthew Stafford and the Cleveland Browns took Brandon Weeden with a first round pick just last season so it maybe too soon to pull the trigger on another QB. Speculation is that the Arizona Cardinals really like Drew Stanton and would rather develop him and draft a offensive tackle then reach for a QB in a underwhelming class. However they could be swooned by Geno Smith’s pro day and other future work outs so this will be worth keeping and eye on.

The biggest obstacle looks to be the third pick of the Oakland Raiders who currently have Carson Palmer who has been a stop-gap QB at best , and a young Terrelle Pryor on the bench. They may like the young Pryor and wish to give him a shot sometime this year , but they are likely scouting Geno Smith hard and a strong candidate for his services. Best thing going for the Bills hoping the Raiders pass on Smith is that the Oakland is currently without most of a defensive line that they will need to rebuilt and most analysts stating they will go lineman.

The Buffalo Bills are certainly with a bunch of holes but grabbing their QB of the future would be a huge step in the right direction if it pans out. It is very rare the top quarterback prospect in the draft is picked eighth so if Geno Smith does fall to the Bills you can be assured they will jump all over him, and with how Nix is talking it seems they could move up to get him if they feel they need to.

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