Buyer Beware – Bob Sapp Is Completely Worthless!

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Man, he sure looks mean, but he can't fight! Bob Sapp is the MMA fighter that gives the least effort. Do not watch this man's matches.

Let’s say you are wandering around a WALMART or one of those mega supermarkets, and you can’t reach an item sitting on the top shelf.  This would be a great time to have Bob Sapp around, so that he can retrieve the item for you.  He is so tall!

Or say you were traveling to see family for the holidays, and there was a lot of luggage and things to carry.  Man, would Bob Sapp come in handy then, as at nearly 350 lbs, he could really help with the heavy bags.  He is so strong!

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But if you need a main event for your MMA show, please be aware that Bob Sapp has absolutely no will to fight, but he will come and take your money.   He is a 350 lb prostitute of MMA and he should not be hired for MMA matches.  He likes to be called ‘The Beast’.  He is more like a huge pile of defecation left by some T Rex sized beast, but he is no ‘Beast’.

Before you dismiss my rant as overly harsh, let’s take a second to watch his latest fight, which occured recently in the relatively new ONE FC promotion based out of Singapore.

If it were to come out that Bob Sapp was not paid for the fight, I would say good.  Now, that is unthinkable in the normal world, as fighters deserve to be paid for the extreme nature of what it is they do – the more the better as far as I am concerned.  But as you can see above, Bob Sapp did not even put a minimal effort into fighting.  Quickly, off the top of my head, how does a guy like Mark Hominick feel about the ‘EFFORT’?  Forgive Mark if he isn’t impressed, but Mark knows what it means to leave it in the ring.

Now there is word that a promotion funded out of India and led by American agent Ken Pavia has signed Sapp to take on James Thompson on there inaugural event.  You would think Ken would know better, and not hire a guy that embodies everything wrong with the sport.  It is a double whammy, as Thompson is also quickly earning a reputation as a total jobber, to use the pro wrestling term.

The point of MMA is that it is competition and sport.   I have been critical of Jason Miller in the past, but no one can deny the guy stood in the fight for the full fifteen minutes his last time out (when he got pounded by Bisping).  Miller, like him or hate him, is a fighter who came to compete and though he was losing, fought the whole time.

I don’t know what Sapp is.   He is like a football team that gives up 10 points in the first quarter and just quits and walks off.  Yes, ten points, Bob knows he could never come back from a deficit like that, that would take some work and effort.  The Minotauro fight many years ago was a historic MMA moment, but he has steadily declined in every aspect since that fight.

Victor Cui and ONE FC certainly learned their lesson by paying Bob Sapp for the garbage you see above.  Now here is to hoping that Ken Pavia and this new group will see that they are doing themselves and the entire sport of MMA damage by contracting this warm, heaping pile of manure.


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