CAGE WARRIORS 57 This Weekend Features Paul Daley

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Paul Daley, showing off the reason they call him ‘Semtex’.

Cage Warriors 57 comes to us this weekend from Liverpool, England featuring UFC veteran Paul Daley in the main event.   Unlike fellow welterweight Cathal Pendred, who was the star of Cage Warriors 55 and may have done enough to get a call from the UFC, Daley has nothing to prove as he has already proven he can compete at the highest level of the sport.  A win for Daley will likely see him heading to Bellator again, while his opponent Lukasz Chlewicki is a relative unknown from Poland who is facing an incredible (+725) as an underdog to Daley’s (-1450).  That line warrants a closer look….

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Daley is a top notch striker, and he has the required ‘meanness’ and mind set to fight with anyone in the world.  He is a KO puncher.  But singing Daley’s praises should not omit the facts, and those are that is that he has no real ground game, and he has been submitted in a very high percentage of his losses.

Which brings us to his opponent, Lukasz Chelewicki.  When we reached his family members to ask about him, even they said they didn’t know much (jk).   Coming from Poland, you can assume he will have a bit more ground game than Daley, as the Poles have a flourishing grappling and ground fighting scene in country.  Watching a few of his fights on the internet, and Chelewicki is a pressure fighter who wants to strike and close the distance, and he will beat on you from top position on the ground.  He sets a high rate of activity, and throws punches, knees and elbows.

Chelewicki has the right style to beat Daley, the question is can he bully daily the way he bullied lesser competition, or is Daley’s superior athleticism the difference in the bout?  Daley will win a stand up bout if Chelewicki cant close the distance, and Daley could win it by KO.  But if Chelewicki can take a few shots coming in and impose his will, this becomes a winnable fight.  He will need to have gas too, and not blow himself out setting a high pace early.

Take a look at a sample Chelewicki fight -


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