Carolina Panthers 2012 Regular Season Total Wins Betting

Carolina Panthers 2012 Regular Season Total Wins Betting

The Carolina Panthers had season that really injected some hope and excitement for their franchise. Even with only six wins last season they were competitive in just about every game with rookie QB Cam Newton grabbing instant success in the NFL. BetDSI Sportsbook current live betting lines display the Carolina Panthers at over / under 7.5 wins for the 2012 season.

The Carolina offense quickly rallied around Newton and put up big points all season long, if their defense had been stronger they could have had an even better year. Their weak defense made the front office decision all the more easier in selecting Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly with the ninth selection of the 2012 NFL Draft. Kuechly is regarded as one of the safest picks in the draft Regardless if some feel they reached for the Boston College linebacker there is no denying he instantly makes this defense better.

Week one

@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week two

vs New Orleans Saints

Week three

vs New York Giants

Week four

@ Atlanta Falcons

Week five

vs Seattle Seahawks

Week six


Week seven

vs Dallas Cowboys

Week eight

@ Chicago Bears

Week nine

@ Washington Redskins

Week ten

vs Denver Broncos

Week eleven

vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week twelve

@ Philadelphia Eagles

Week thirteen

@ Kansas City Chiefs

Week fourteen

vs Atlanta Falcons

Week fifteen

@ San Diego Chargers

Week sixteen

vs Oakland Raiders

Week seventeen

@ New Orleans Saints

Carolina Panthers 2012 Regular Season Total Wins Betting : I don’t think it is impossible the Carolina Panthers go .500 in 2012. It however is just as likely they finish right below the five hundred mark with such a down right awful defense. With that being said I am going to have to pick over the 7.5 marker as I think Cam Newton continues to progress and the whole team gets motivated by his electric presence.

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