College Football Betting Odds | NCAA Top 10 Odds To Win the BCS Title

College Football Betting Odds: NCAA Top 10 Team’s Odds to Win BCS Title

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The lines are chalked, the media days are a bustle and the football content on the web is bursting at the seams. Like every other season, this 2013 tilt will be filled with surprises, team and individual athletic achievements, rising stars, cheers, and tears. There are not many other sports with the same spirit and enthusiasm as College Football. For the sports betting fan it is one of the few sports where the players never give in and the game is played with full enthusiasm until the last minute keeping backdoor covers or huge moneyline cashes just one play away.

Before we get Lee Corso of Gameday plopping on university Mascot outfit heads to tell us his lean, let’s take a quick look at the top 10 ranked NCAA football teams and their odds to win the BCS Title through the eyes of barstool savant and football betting evangelist Randy Mann. In this episode, Randy takes on the top 10 from an odds to win the BCS title and team ATS perspective. If you enjoy college football betting and backing your favorite NCAA football teams play, this is must have information to make your next bet an educated one!

Show Transcript:

Part 1: Introduction

Howdy & Welcome to Barstool Blathering…

Where we wave the wands of sport & wit over fancy magic hats— conjuring fluffy white rabbits, footballs, & what-nots….

I’m your host & barstool houdini, Randy Mann….

Let’s Talk some College Football.

The preseason polls are out—

And Today we’re gonna do a hot lap thru the Top 10, adding a few honorable mentions along the way….

First of all, the Top 10 looks a lot like half of the SEC—holding down 5 of the top ten spots.

And if history repeats itself, like it has for the past 7 years, then the SEC will name another BCS Champion in 2014. Smart money gotta be on the boyz down south.

And for the first time since 1992, the Big 12 doesn’t have a Top 10 team in the preseason polls. It’s a bit of a dangerous scenario…. I mean the last thing opposing teams want is to make these boys from Texas & Oklahoma HUNGRY!!!

Part 2: Body

Ok—so to the Top 10—beginning with ‘El Numero Uno’!

Coming as no surprise, Alabama is #1 and a 2:1 favorite to win the BCS. What can we say about this team—loaded with talent.

Stacked like a Dagwood sandwich & experienced like crusty old bread….

Bama is gonna make meals of most teams this year.

And, Standing in there way… Will be for Whom The Tide Rolls’

And rest assured, The Tide Will Roll!

Obviously, Bama is well-coached & motivated by Saban. Their QB and Field Captain A.J. McCarron is a stud—not only cause he’s a star qb for the crimson tide looking to 3-peat as a national champion….

But, His throwing arm also sports the mighty elegant beauty queen, Katherine Webb
Between you & me & Brent Musburger— I’m looking forward to seeing a few Bama blowouts this year so they’ll show more of the Mighty Miss Mighty!.

ALABAMA might be ranked #1…

But, Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes aren’t buying it. After going 12-0 his first year at OSU, last year’s only unbeaten team, Meyer and his Buckeyes look to remain undefeated in 2013.
At 6:1 odds to win the BCS, The #2 Buckeyes have a pretty favorable schedule with only two games worth mentioning— Wisconsin at home – and then Michigan to close out the season in Ann Arbor—One of THE greatest rivalries in all of sport! Just ask this kid!

The # 3 and 4 spots show off the Pac 12 as Oregon & Stanford remain a force. The Ducks were 2nd in points scored last year, with only one loss— and that was against Stanford—they seek redemption the first week in November. New season – new coach? Oddsmakers give the Ducks a 6:1 shot at the BCS.

And as for Stanford, they will have to live up to the hype- the second half of their season they face UCLA / OREGON ST / Then OREGON / USC / CAL / NOTRE DAME—All ranked teams with exception of their friendly foe CAL

And getting Back to ‘Power’ football—the 5-6 & 7 spots are held by the SEC.

#5 boasts The Jo-gia Bulldogs and at a price of 20 to 1 to win the BCS—The Dawgs test there season on opening kickoff against #8 Clemson, then play host to #6 South Carolina in week two. If Aaron Murray can show his experience and control these first two games— That 20 to 1 could be a good play. But If the phenom Jadeveon from South Carolina can get into the backfield & into Murray’s face, and the Gamecock offense can put some points on the board…. Could be the start of a big season for the Cocks.

And then there is #7—Texas A&M. The big question still remains… Will Johnny Football be on the field or partying in the stands. For the sake of good ol’ fashioned football, I hope he’s taking snaps. The season will definitely not be the same without him—Hell, it won’t be the same with him. That’s what makes Johnny Football so damned fun to watch. LET HIM PLAYMoving on to # 8 Clemson– The rock rubbing has already begun down in south cackalack. As One of college footballs great traditions- Howard’s Rock is rubbed for good luck by players & coaches before charging downhill into Death Valley. High Expectations this year for the Tigers and Heisman hopeful Taj Boyd—they haven’t finished in the top 10 since 1990. Maybe that’s why oddsmakers put them at a questionable 65:1 chance to win the BCS– even as a top 10 team.

And then… there is #9 Louisville. If there is any kind of question mark in the Top 10- we have to look first at Louisville. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Charlie Strong, and they had a great season last year and beat a good Florida team in the Sugar Bowl. Teddy Bridgewater could be Heisman posing. But, until there football team plays some ranked opponents—I have to scream OVER RATED!!! They have got the weakest schedule in the Top 20– They play absolutely no one this year. Not one Top 25 team. They could easily go undefeated—and none of those wins are going to legitimize them as a BCS contender.

And to think, they are a Top 10 caliber team before the strong defense of #11 Florida State or #12 LSU—sorry but I ain’t buyin’ it. Love your basketball Louisville, but your football remains in check….

Now, From the weakest schedule to one of the toughest, that brings us to #10 Florida—The Gators face four top 12 teams- 3 from the SEC plus Florida State. For them to make a bid for the SEC Championship, gonna be a helluva swamp to wade through. Muschamp will have his team ready.

There are plenty of other good teams out there in the Top 25— including Notre Dame / FSU & LSU already mentioned… and don’t forget about Northwestern— This team went 10-3 straight up in 2012, but was 12 – 1 ATS. That my friends is the best record in college football as far as I’m concerned— That is to say, if you were on them….

Gonna get on em’ this year? Well Get on it doggone it! Check out Betdsi for the latest odds.

Part 3: Conclusion

Well guys, that brings our hot lap of the Top 10 full circle—

And all this talk of football & hott lapping makes me thirsty….

Thanks for tuning in…

Til’ the next time, I remain….

Quenching My Thirst,



1. ALABAMA +200
2. OHIO ST +600
3. OREGON +600
4. STANFORD +1200
5. GEORGIA +2000
6. S CAROLINA +3000
7. TEXAS A&M +700
8. CLEMSON +6500
10. FLORIDA +3000
11. FLA ST +3000
12. LSU +2000
13. OLKA ST +5000
14. NOTRE DAME +5000
15. TEXAS +4000
16. OKLAHOMA +5000
17. MICHIGAN +5000
18. NEBRASKA +2000
19. BOISE ST +10000
20. TCU +5000
21. UCLA +10000
22. NORTHWESTER +10000
23. WISCONSIN +5000
24. USC +3000
25. OREGON ST +10000

AP Top 25
Rankings updated (08/17/2013)
1 Alabama (58)
First Game: 08/31 vs. Virginia Tech 5:30 PM EDT
2 Ohio State (1)
First Game: 08/31 Buffalo 12:00 PM EDT
3 Oregon
First Game: 08/31 Nicholls State 4:00 PM EDT
4 Stanford
First Game: 09/07 San Jose State 11:00 PM EDT
5 Georgia (1)
First Game: 08/31 at Clemson 8:00 PM EDT
6 South Carolina
First Game: 08/29 North Carolina 6:00 PM EDT
7 Texas A&M
First Game: 08/31 Rice 1:00 PM EDT
8 Clemson
First Game: 08/31 Georgia 8:00 PM EDT
9 Louisville
First Game: 09/01 Ohio 3:30 PM EDT
10 Florida
First Game: 08/31 Toledo 12:21 PM EDT
11 Florida State
First Game: 09/02 at Pittsburgh 8:00 PM EDT
12 LSU
First Game: 08/31 vs. TCU 9:00 PM EDT
13 Oklahoma State
First Game: 08/31 vs. Mississippi State 3:30 PM EDT
14 Notre Dame
First Game: 08/31 Temple 3:30 PM EDT
15 Texas
First Game: 08/31 New Mexico State 8:00 PM EDT
16 Oklahoma
First Game: 08/31 Louisiana-Monroe 7:00 PM EDT
17 Michigan
First Game: 08/31 Central Michigan 3:30 PM EDT
18 Nebraska
First Game: 08/31 Wyoming 8:00 PM EDT
19 Boise State
First Game: 8/31 at Washington 10:00 PM EDT
20 TCU
First Game: 08/31 vs. LSU 9:00 PM EDT
First Game: 08/31 Nevada 10:00 PM EDT
22 Northwestern
First Game: 08/31 at California 10:30 PM EDT
23 Wisconsin
First Game: 08/31 Massachusetts 12:00 PM EDT
24 Southern California
First Game: 08/29 at Hawaii 11:00 PM EDT
25 Oregon State
First Game: 08/31 Eastern Washington 6:00 PM EDT



ALABAMA 13 1 7-7-0
OHIO ST 12 0 7-5-0
OREGON 12 1 8-5-0
STANFORD 12 2 9-5-0
GEORGIA 12 2 8-6-0
TEXAS A&M 11 2 8-5-0
CLEMSON 11 2 9-4-0
LOUISVILLE 11 2 6-7-0
FLORIDA 11 2 7-6-0
FLORIDA STATE 12 2 4-9-0
LSU 10 3 5-8-0
OKLAHOMA ST 8 5 7-5-0
NOTRE DAME 12 1 7-6-0
TEXAS 9 4 6-7-0
OKLAHOMA 10 3 6-7-0
MICHIGAN 8 5 6-7-0
NEBRASKA 10 4 6-7-1
BOISE STATE 11 2 6-7-0
TCU 7 6 5-8-0
UCLA 9 5 8-6-0
NORTWESTERN 10 3 12-1-0
WISCONSIN 8 6 6-8-0
USC 7 6 3-10-0
OREGON ST 9 4 8-5-0

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