Dallas Cowboys versus NY Jets Plus 7 – Good Luck Bro!

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The parlay shows this fella stands to make $150k if Dallas can pull off the win!

Here is a guy in great shape going into tonites New York Jets versus Dallas Cowboys game.  He is on a run winning his other bets all day today, so much so that if Dallas takes this bet, he stands to win $150,000!

And I’m not sure who is going to win this game either.   The Jets have been strong for a couple of years now, and Dallas certainly underachieved last year.

But the Jets are perrenial underachievers themselves, and despite the good job they have done getting to the conference finals the last couple of years, there are still a lot of questions.  Coach Rex Ryan is in a blood feud with his brother, and you have to go back a whole lot of years to remember dad Buddy Ryan, but he was a head case too, and when he got put in charge of some pretty good teams, they underachieved.  The family can only ride the coat tails of that 1984 Chicago Bear defense for so long!

And Dallas had a talented roster last year, and they are reasonably talented this year.  Jerry Jones started a clean slate hiring Jason Garrett, which I think is a good move.  That combined with thinning a few of the headcases from the roster leave Dallas a dangerous team.

They are the underdog here against the Jets.  But in the world of betting you have to take the underdog sometimes, and this guy I’m giving you a screenshot of has done a great job of picking all day.

Now he has one more bet to win, he went with the dog in Dallas.  But to bet $5k to make over $150k, that is a gamble most of us would take!  If I had the $5k I’d love to be in his shoes!

So good luck brother!  I’m rooting for you as I’m sure most of our readers will be too!  Better that you make some money than that the big, bad sportsbooks keep taking it home!  Hey, I’m from NY and you just changed my whole outlook, now I’m thinking go Dallas!

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