Dana and the Hallman Shorts


Yes, he wore that to fight!

Well it is Tuesday, and Monday was a travel day after a Sunday UFC. UFC president Dana White has decided to work from home, making his usual million phone calls, hiring and firing.  What people dont know is he is storming around his Vegas apartment wearing the same shorts Dennis Hallman wore at the UFC just 9 short days ago.  Dana LOVED them.

Obviously Hallman’s speedo’s caused a stir from the minute he got into the ring with Brian Ebersole at last week’s UFC 133 event.  You can just hear Hallman on Ebersole’s back saying, ‘Can you feel my training mask’.

But it was certainly less than genuine on the part of the UFC boss White to claim that ‘his people’ who allowed the shorts had let him down.  Way to throw the help under the bus Dana!

Main thing is that the UFC is quite controlling of almost every aspect of the product they put out, and White’s indignation was certainly less than genuine. He certainly knew what Dennis Hallman woud be wearing for his UFC fight and it certainly received a stamp of approval at some point.  His interview after the fight where he claimed to be unaware and showed his disdain was clearly Dana being Dana, that is, the egomaniac whose personality has come to dominate the UFC.  There is no reason to act like a tough guy here Dana, you know you loved the shorts!

First of all there is no real bad publicity, and Hallman’s speedos, along with the Training Mask folks that designed it deserve credit, for they were clearly one of the most talked about events in the last 10 UFC’s.  Hallman at least, deserves credit for the balls to wear that thing!

Dont get me wrong, I would not mind not seeing the shorts again, but it is really an interesting twist when the UFC President claims he didnt know anything about the shorts.  Really Dana?  When was the last time we saw UFC Matchmaker  Joe Silva in an interview?  You control EVERYTHING.  And you are wearing those shorts in your apartment.  A neighbor told me you confided with him that you love the soft feeling on your skin.

Dana makes his last phone call of the day, after wearing the shorts all day.  The phone is picked up by UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.  Dana whispers ‘Joe what are you wearing?’.

Joe responds ‘My leopard skin commemorative Joe San speedo’s Dana’.  That is how UFC management rolls lol!


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