Dana White Leaves The Brock Lesnar Option Open Again!

Lesnar went out of the UFC with a whimper, and the WWE return has been lukewarm as well.

UFC President Dana White was talking Brock Lesnar again.  I really wish this talk would stop.  The question is who do you put him in against, so that I can bet against Lesnar.  Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can bet against him.  Lesnar has been less than impressive in his recent WWE outings, and it will be interesting to see how the two behemoth companies deal with interchanging a guy who seems committed to neither.

The bottom line with Brock Lesnar in pro wrestling’s WWE this time around is that he is underused, and that he has not gotten over with the crowd.  His role has been aloof, and he has a ‘handler’ who does a lot of the talking for him.  The bottom line is he has been a part time fighter for the WWE, and the possibility exists that the WWE may want something to advance his image a bit, and they cant seem to stop mentioning he was a UFC champion.

If Lesnar is smart, he will never mess with the UFC again.  If the WWE is smart, they wont let him if they can at all prevent him from doing it.

The question is, what happens to Lesnar if  he returns to the UFC and takes another loss?

Is Lesnar willing to step up?   We are a month away….  ship Lesnar to STRIKEFORCE to fight Daniel Cormier.  I assure you that SHOWTIME will accept him as an opponent.

If you give Lesnar some lead time, does he get a match with the winner of Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos?  With the winner of Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson?

Do you have Lesnar come in and fight a rematch with Alistair Overeem when Overeem comes off suspension?

If Lesnar comes back to the UFC, he should be forced to win 5 fights against mid level oppostion before getting any of the above opportunities. This is a sport, not a spectacle, and from everything we know about Brock, his ego wont let him do that.

Right now, things are ripe for speculation, since Lesnar has no apparent story line in WWE running at the time.  His adviser is with a different WWE star, he was last seen supposedly breaking an arm on a PPV and had a story line set up, but he has not appeared on a WWE broadcast in a long time.

And with WWE mentioning the UFC in association with Brock, and Dana mentioning Brock while he is with the WWE, my suspicion is the two giants may be working on something.  It is a flawed idea, because unless you protect Lesnar in MMA, he will get beaten up by almost the entire top 20 in the weight division.  Stop this nonsense talk now.


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