Dana White, UFC mum on FOX move…

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UFC President Dana White

It’s Thursday, and their is a press conference for later today that supposedly will announce a deal that will take the UFC to FOX TV.  Word is that UFC brass and several of the marquee fighters are scheduled to be there, however there is an air of secrecy as to what is really going on.  we’ve gotten used to this with the UFC.

Certainly the big fights will remain on PPV, which is where the money is.  Certain fighters also have their compensation tied to PPV buys, so that will not change.

But many of the smaller, free events that run on Versus or Spike have the potential of being aired on FOX.   Could the long running UFC Reality Show be moved?  Is there something new in the works?  Then there is also the Strikeforce subsidiary’s deal with SHOWTIME.

Certainly the mainstream exposure will be great.  Hopefully we will see UFC results on FOX Sports or FOX news, like baseball or NFL.

Whatever happens, if there is a deal with FOX in the works, and we will know later today, it should be another advancement for the sport. And though Dana White is definitely a great business guy, and has advanced the sport beyond all expectations.  And as the sport gets bigger, the Ferrtita’s and white and the UFC corporation need to take their money and make it.  The NFL is a close to 10 billion dollar sport, the UFC has the potential to be more, I think it really does.

But let this be a wake up call to UFC management.  another of the staples they get credit for is the fighter bonuses.  There was a big buzz that went thru the business when they started handing out thousands back stage for KO’s, Submissions and more.

Let’s face it the bonuses have been stuck at 65k or 70k for a few years now.  Now dont get me wrong, that isnt bad money, people raise families on that yearly, but at the same time it isnt going to change anyone’s life.  and if the sport is going to a new level yet again, let’s make sure we see some tangible differences and that the largesse trickles down to the fighters.  Let’s up those bonuses Dana!



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