Daniel Cormier’s Opponent Confirmed As Tim Sylvia for Sept STRIKEFORCE!

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Former UFC Champion Tim Sylvia is a shadow of his former self - is the heavyweight talent pool so ldevoid of talent that he needs to be recycled? The lipo and depilation alone will cost thousands!

The STRIKEFORCE world has hit a new low, as the company announced that Daniel Cormier will fight Tim Sylvia on their September 29th event scheduled for Sacramento.  This is an epic mismatch, and it is interesting to notice that STRIKEFORCE, who UFC President Dana White famously referred to as a ‘Strikefarce’ did not really deteriorate into the farce side until after Zuffa actually purchased them.  And I thought Dana was also tired of seeing Tim’s flabby, saggy double dd’s in major MMA!  Obviously not!

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Granted, Cormier does seem to be a handful in terms of finding a quality opponent, as he has ascended to the upper echelon quickly.

I don’t know when the odds will be out for this match, but look for the odds to be bet thousands on Cormier to make 100 dollars.  Sylvia has no chance.

Sylvia, even at his best, is slow and plodding, with a mechanical stand up game that relies on the jab.   On the ground, he is worthless, especially off his back.  He has had the good fortune of not facing high level wrestlers throughout his career, except for Randy Couture, and Couture was a complete Mixed Martial Artist by the time they met.

Look at the picture.  Cormier is going to plant him on his back.  Can you see Tim deftly re-applying guard?  Or is he more likely to flounder taking punches like a reincarnation of Paul Varelans?

BIg Timmy is on the plus side of 35 years old as well, so it is not like he is going to get faster now.  When he heard Alistair Overeem ate horses, Timmy ate about 400 of them in a week on the plains of Wyoming.  He weighed in at 311 lbs for one of his more recent appearances.

The bottom line is that when Daniel Cormier took every round from top shelf veteran Josh Barnett in hi last outing, he signaled to the world he was ready to be at the top.  And now we get this bout.

I want to know if SHOWTIME can possibly reject the match.  Because they are being made to look bad by offering this type of garbage.




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