Dean Lister vs ´Babalu´ Sobral at Metamoris III

Metamoris III,Royler Gracie,Eddie Bravo,Dean Lister,Renato Sobral

Dean Lister takes on Renato Sobral in a grappling match featuring two 10 year plus veterans of combat competition.

March 29th, 2013 is getting closer and closer and that means it is almost time for the Metamoris III Grappling spectacular out in California.  BETDSI is the only sportsbook out there taking odds on grappling, which is a chance for the grappling gurus among us to make some money.  The 29th will see veteran fighters Dean Lister and Renato Sobral face off in one of the grappling matches at Metamoris.  Lister sits as a (-300) favorite, to Sobral´s (+500), with a draw being even money.

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This match might have made a buzz about 10 years ago, when Lister was competing at the top of his game and Sobral was an active, high level MMA competitor.  Both men are 38 years old and we are unlikely to see anything new or exciting in this bout.

Now, at BETDSI you can get just about even money (-115) should Lister win with a footlock or leglock.  Lister has always been known as a leg and footlock specialist, but is he going to submit Sobral?

Sobral is a veteran fighter, with 50 MMA style matches over the last 15 years.  He was submitted once in his career, back in 2000 in a match in the RINGS organization.  Though he is going to bring virtually no offensive pressure to Lister with his game, look for Sobral to be very hard to take down.  Lister could potentially pull guard but Sobral is going to make it hard to get him down.  Even on the ground, Sobral will make a submission hard to get.

More likely it is a smarter bet to take the even money on the draw, as the Metamoris rules are ´submission only´meaning that if no one has won by submission after 20 minutes the bout is declared a draw.  That may be the safest bet on most of the matches under this format.




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