Nick Diaz no Shows UFC Press Conference!

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Nick Diaz, maybe the man to take out the boring Georges St Pierre

Word hit today that Strikeforce Champion and UFC title contender Nick Diaz no showed a press conference in Toronto to promote his UFC 137 title bout with UFC champion Georges St Pierre.  UFC 137 is scheduled for October 29th in Las Vegas, so it is a little under 2 months before the fight and Diaz is already being Diaz.

St Pierre was supposedly upset, his training camp was interrupted, and he thought Diaz was being unprofessional.  Welcome to the world of Nick Diaz!

One thing is certain about Nick Diaz.  He is extremely well trained, and I don’t think he gets enough credit for that.  Despite being a bad boy or having a ‘street’ attitude, he also has shown extreme loyalty to his team, and he doesn’t get much credit for that either.  He has been with coach Cesar Gracie a long time, and the team there that includes his brother Nate, Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez are an elite group.

Nick has always been the bad boy there.  I think it is because he has a really unique psychology, one that makes him angry at the world and he can channel that anger.  Why get into a fight outside the ring with Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller?  Because in Diaz’ eyes, Miller is a clown and a tool, and he got angry, couldn’t control himself.  Why no show a press conference to the biggest fight of your life?  Because he doesn’t care if he pisses people off.  If St Pierre wants to be angry, good luck in getting angrier than Nick.  There is no one in MMA better at fighting pissed off than Nick Diaz, it is one of the main reasons he is so elite.  An angry St Pierre might make a mistake, an angry Nick Diaz?  Not as likely to err.

So there is a press conference in Las Vegas scheduled for later this week, and the Diaz camp is promising he will be there.  In the media, UFC President Dana White didn’t sound quite so sure!  If he does show up which Diaz personality will we see?  Will there be fireworks, or will he be dark and brooding?  You can be sure that this is all part of Diaz getting his proper mindset for the fight with St Pierre.

In closing, let me ask you this.  If fighting and MMA were not the sport it is today, and it was done Hollywood style in a back alley surrounded by dumpsters for $100 bucks a fight, who do you think would more likely be fighting, Georges St Pierre or Nick Diaz?



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