DREAM 17 Betting – Gegard Mousasi Odds to Beat Hiroshi Izumi

Mousasi-vs-izumiAs you know, when betting on MMA you have to remember that everyone has a punchers chance, but the odds are HEAVY against Hiroshi Izumi. These are the odds at BetDSI Sportsbook on this match:

Hiroshi Izumi PK+600
Gegard Mousasi PK-1100


When looking at the DREAM 17 MMA Betting Odds, you can easily see that this bout appears to be the biggest mismatch. Don’t believe me? Look at the screen shot of the odds below:

dream 17 betting odds

So why did the MMA Oddsmaker make Mousasi such a huge favorite? Read on to find out!

Hiroshi Izumi only has a 4-1 MMA record, so you might be wondering how in the hell did he get a title shot so fast? Where his last 4 opponents’ big name fighters and he finished all of them off in a devastating way? Nope, 2 of his wins were against opponents with more losses then wins, and he only has 2 KO victories so far. The reason this guys getting the title shot is because he has won 7 medals competing in the Olympics for Japan, 4 of which were Gold medals. An Olympian vs Gegard on a fight card is sure to draw a huge crowd.

Gegard has an awesome 30-3-2 record and is only 25 years old! He has fought in big name MMA promotions such as Pride and Strikeforce, is a former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion and the current DREAM Light Heavyweight Champion. I can go on and on about Gegard and how this kid trains on the same team as Fedor “The Last Emperor” and blah blah but there are really only 2 things to consider.

1.) Gegard  that he has been fighting in MMA since 2003 while  Izumi, who I have dubbed “The Olympian,” has only been fighting since 2009.

2.) Although Izumi is decorated with a ton of Olympic medals in Judo, Gegard has a Black Belt in Judo so he won’t be totally defenseless against Judo attacks.  Even if Izumi takes Gegard down to the floor Gegard has great BJJ and is more likely to submit “The Olympian” from the guard position than Izumi is to submit him from the mount.

DREAM 17 MMA Betting Pick: I am going with the oddsmaker on this one and see Gegard winning within the first 2 rounds. Izumi, at age 29 has come a long way, but has not gained enough experience to steal the DREAM belt from Gegard aka “The Dreamcatcher.”

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