Election Betting Predictions: 2012 Presidential Elections and Republican Nominee


Election Betting Predictions: 2012 Presidential Elections and Republican Nominee

The 2012 elections are getting near, and no other wagering option offers you the chance to get in the game and help decide the outcome yourself. You can go out and vote, be an activist for one of these ladies or gentleman, or harass them to be a campaign manager. Hell its the only thing you can bet on where after all said and done the loser can request a recount and end up with the win.

BetDSI Sportsbook handycappers have the Live Lines displaying former govenor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney to be a shoe in for the Republican Nominee at -400 odds. Former Congressman and Senator Rick Santorum is the next favorite of the group with odds set at +900. Ron Paul has a large following that is very dedicated to the former Congressman and his sometimes against the grain ideas on how to downsize the government.

The Presidential election shows the Democrats a large favorite over the Republicans showing President Barack Obama as a -165 odds favorite to win the 2012 presidential race. Mitt Romney appears to be the Republican to challenge him this year as his presidential electoral odds are sitting at +140. A few other notables are Ron Paul sitting at +2500 , Newt Gingrich sitting at a high +3500, and Rick Santorium at an even larger +4000. No one is a bigger underdog than current Governor of Texas Rick Perry who is sitting at a insane +150000 , yes you read right bet 100$ on Rick Perry to become the next president and if he is elected walk away with a cool 150,000$.

There are alot of ways to wager this election with BetDSI Sportsbook, you can wager on which party will win Democrats sitting at -165 and the Republicans at +155, you can also get down on the Independent party at +500. You can even place a wager on how the electoral college will place their votes, with the two favorites being the Democrats win 270-289 and the Republicans winning by the same margin both sitting at +400.

Me personally, I am not big into politics so I would love to see the handycappers at BetDSI display my favorite Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme on their Live Lines. Mr Supreme wears a boot on his head and states when elected he will give every citizen a pony …. which will also become your form of identification. He keeps it very real unlike other politicians stating :

” yes I am a politician, I will promise you anything your little electoral heart desires. Because you are my constituents you are the informed voting public ….. and because ….. I have no intention of keeping any promise that I make ….. vote early vote often …. remember a vote for Vermin Supreme is a vote entirely thrown away ” – Vermin Supreme

So get on down to BetDSI Sportsbook check out the electoral Live Lines, place a wager, go out and rock the vote, become a campaign assistant for Rick Perry. Do all you can to assure he will become the next president and walk away with 300,000$ for a cool 200$ wager.

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