JR’s Fantasy Football Team Week 2 Update

As promised I am giving you all a follow up to my post a couple weeks ago giving you the line ups and thought process behind choosing my two different fantasy teams this season.  If you didn’t read it then just click on the “JR’s Rants” tab at the top of the page after you are done reading this and look for my post titled, “Fantasy Football 2011 has Begun” then you will have some background on the situation.

So anyways, I had a couple of close calls last week.  In my big money league I went 1 – 1 which after the first round of games looked like a lock to be 2 – 0 and then Steve Smiff and Cam Fig Newton decided to go out and have a career day which sealed my fate before my Monday night players even stepped on the field.  My win in my other matchup came by less than 6 points and that is all in part due to Nate Kaeding getting hurt so lets just say that I got by on luck.  And like I always say, “In gaming as in life, if luck had nothing to do with it then it wouldn’t be that much fun…”

In the scrub office league I am in I won by 0.62 points. Don’t ask me how, but that NFL.com scoring system is just flat out tom foolery.  The way that a defense starts with 15 points and can only lose them is just plain ridiculous.  I am the commissioner in this league and I have a mind to change the scoring because of it, but can I get the votes???

So it’s week 2 and already there are new developments.  I only made 1 transaction in each league and it was to pick up the same team.  In my big money league I dropped the Falcons Defense because I am counting on Michael Vick to light them up and I don’t like to mix my karmic feelings, so I can’t start a Defense against my starting QB and WR.  Anyways, I picked up the Browns Defense and before you start cursing me and calling me a fantasy novice not fit to draft a roster, just wait and think about it.  Does it really matter that the Colts are playing at home?  Peyton is the Captain of that team and without him the ship quickly sinks.  The game last week could have been much worse but the Texans called the dogs off.  Although at first glance the Brownies might not seem like much I think they take advantage of the current disarray in Indy and stick it to them, they do have their pride and bonuses to play for…

C'mon Brownies!!! Don't let me down....

In my Big Money league I dropped the Falcons Defense for the Browns, but the plan all along was to pick up a defense based on match up every week anyways and they were the best option on the table.

In my scrub league I have to admit that I didn’t even look at the other Defenses available because when I made the decision in my other league I was resolute and at peace with it so I am rolling the dice.

Current Roster in Big Money League:
- Michael Vick QB
- Matt Forte RB
- Reggie Bush RB
- DeSean Jackson WR
- Santana Moss WR
- Larry Fitzgerald WR
- Rob Gronkowski  TE
- Josh Brown K
- Cleveland Def/Spec

- Chad Henne QB
- DeAngelo Williams RB
- Marion Barber RB
- Michael Bush RB
- Greg Little WR
- Julio Jones WR
- Braylon Edwards WR

I have half a mind to start Braylon Edwards instead of Santana Moss as he is now the only option in San Fran and against the Cards who gave up 403 yards last week to a rookie!?!?!?  I have some decisions to make…

In my Scrub Office league my roster is looking like this:
- Tony Romo QB
- Darren McFadden RB
- Vincent Jackson WR
- Mario Manningham WR
-  RB/WR Choice between Greg Little, Dez Bryant (if he is healthy), Tim Hightower, Julio Jones or Jeremy Maclin
- Dustin Keller TE
- Jay Feely K
- Cleveland Def/Spec

- Eli Manning QB
- All but one of these guys:  Greg Little, Dez Bryant (if he is healthy), Tim Hightower, Julio Jones or Jeremy Maclin
- New Orleans Def/Spec

Now that you have all the intel, if you have some suggestions let me know as I have heavy side bet action going every week and at the moment I am only up 1 unit, but as we all know it is a slippery slope.  Cheers

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