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Host and Bar Stool Scarecrow Randy Mann gives us the skinny on the Florida State Seminoles vs Miami Hurricanes College Football Betting match up. This game is fittingly being played out this Halloween Weekend because it is a Monster Match up. This long time rivalry game will ride into kick off with both squads undefeated for the first time in years. As much as a rivalry game as this is, it will amount to much more than in-state bragging rights for either squad. Both teams are positioning themselves for a possible BCS Title run at a make or break moment in the 2013 season. To get to the big game, the winning team in this affair will need to impress the BCS gods. This means you can expect to see some fireworks once the whistle blows this Saturday.

This game re-emerging on the national stage in importance and having BCS Title implications is like a blast from the past re-make of your favorite 80’s song. To give an idea of just how fun this rivalry was over the years, let’s take a quick look back at some of this matchups storied history: 1987 Going for the win instead of a tie FL St Loses to Miami, 1989: FSU Beats the Reigning National Champions,1991: Wide Right I, 1992: Wide Right II, 2000: Wide Right III, 2002: Wide Left, 2004 Orange Bowl: Wide Right IV. The fact that you can Wikipedia this stuff tells you all you need to know. As fun as this series was, both teams checked out for a bit on the national stage. Right as we thought this rivalry game had become not much more than just another spread to bet or an afterthought…welcome back!

Speaking about betting, Oddsmakers currently have the Florida St vs Miami betting odds set with the Seminoles listed as a 3 touchdown favorite. At first glance, the Miami value is looking pretty nice right now. However, the Seminoles are sporting Heisman front runner Jameis Winston who is not so much Johnny Football flashy as he is Peyton Manning efficient. Barely out of diapers, the Red Shirt Freshman gunslinger and dual sport star has the ability to short circuit a scoreboard with precision passing in the time it takes to get from the couch to the fridge, grab a beer, and get back to the couch.

Now, without further adieu…let’s turn this match up over to our friend and fellow betting mate Randy to get the low down on this Halloween Weekend Monster matchup.

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Show Transcript:

In our Hot Lap of the Top 10 – We discussed our Headliner this Week
And that is:
#7 Miami vs #3 FLA ST.
Rivalries don’t get any more exciting than this one. They don’t get any more intense than this one.
Even if both teams weren’t in the Top 10.
Even if both teams weren’t undefeated.
Which they both are, this would be a great rivalry.
Even if most of the players didn’t have friends & foes opposing them since they were in Pop Warner…
Even if there wasn’t such a long history between the two…
This would STILL be a great rivalry.
Even if both teams shared a mutual respect for the other, and genuinely liked the other team…..
{Record Scratch Audio Clip: Surprised Face}
Did those words just leave my mouth…? To put it gently, these teams despise each other!!!!
This will always be a great rivalry for that very reason alone—they don’t like, nor do they have respect for one another.
God I love Football!!! Game on!!!

The Canes come into the game as a 22 pt. Dawg! Clearly, oddsmakers don’t respect the Canes undefeated season so far, any more than the Seminoles do.
Or maybe it’s just that FSU just looks so dominant.
The Seminoles, Famous Jameis Winston is already being compared to NFL quarterbacks. He is the frontrunner for the Heisman race, and his poise and decision making, as well his execution is what has bookmakers offering 3 touchdowns + in a rivalry of this magnitude.
Miami hasn’t necessarily dominated teams the way FSU has, and their last two outings they scored last minute touchdowns to win the game.
This game is going to boil down to defense—which team is gonna step up and hit the other one in the mouth!!!

Florida State has won the last 3 meetings. Miami leads the overall series 31-26
For what it is worth, the Underdog is 11-0 ATS in their last 11 meetings.
Even though The Canes may be lacking respect from the Seminoles & Oddsmakers— This rivalry tells me to give them mine!
I’ll take the points in this one. Go Canes!!!

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