Floyd ” Money ” Mayweather vs Larry ” Fair Shakes” Merchant


Floyd ” Money ” Mayweather vs Larry ” Fair Shakes” Merchant

The fans of boxing have been clamouring for a super fight…. well you have got it ! The match has been made Floyd “Money” Mayweather (42-0 , 26 KO) will take on ” The Champion Of Commentary” Larry ” Fair Shakes ” Merchant (??? – 0 KO’s ALOT! ).

Lets review how this fight came to be. Last week if you had your bets in at BetDSI.eu for Floyd Mayweather in his fight against out classed and out dirtied Victor Ortiz then you won yourself some easy money. Mayweather got hit in the 4th round with a dirty very intentional headbutt from Victory Ortiz. After the ref broke the action and docked a point Ortiz tried to apologize he did so in a very bizarre way by trying to embrace Mayweather in the middle of the ring. Mayweather went for a half a** embrace then quickly caught him with a cheap shot left hook straight right combo to the unsuspecting Ortiz sending him reeling to the canvas for the 10 count.

After the fight was completed Larry “Fair Shakes” Merchant ” The King of Commentary” came into the ring to congratulate Mayweather and ask him some questions regarding the fight. Pressing Mayweather for an answer on whether or not he felt that was a cheapshot, in which Mayweather blew up shortly in the interview on Mr. Merchant yelling ” You never give me a fair shake , YOU AINT s*** , You dont know anything about boxing! HBO need to fire you ! ” Merchant looked stunned and retaliated with a ” If I was 50 years younger I would kick your @ss ! ”

Well the bout has been signed and the fighters are in training as we speak. Larry Merchant is a very technical boxer and crafty like Mayweather with huge punching power in both hands. In 1978 Merchant joined HBO sports as an analyst. Prior to signing with HBO Merchant was a highly regarded sports columnist with ” The Philadelphia Daily News ” and a general reporter for ” The New York Post”. Merchant has an amazing interview style that has been unmatched, one of his better quotes came after a 2006 fight where Vernon Forrest won a controversial decision over Ike Quartey. When Forrest thanked those close to him, Merchant interrupted with a ” Would you also like to thank the judges?”. Larry Merchant is highly decorated being labled “The greatest television boxing analyst of all time” by ESPN Boxing analyst Dan Rafael.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is indeed one of the greatest boxers of our generation and one of the best of all time. He certainly should not have had nor tried to win his most recent fight against outclassed Victor Ortiz by such a cheap method. In my opinion he should have motioned with his hands to Ortiz for him to put his gloves up and fight. After the fact to blatently disrespect such an awesome commentary as Larry merchant is just another notch of unsportsmanship on the night. After that main event with Ortiz using his head as a battering ram throughout the fight, and Mayweather’s “legal cheap shot” from hell, it was easy to feel that Merchant was the only real man in the ring after the main event.


My Prediction: While Floyd Mayweather as stated above is one of the best of our generation and of all time. Larry “Fair” Shakes Merchant is technical, crafty, and powerful himself. I believe this fight goes the distance with Mayweather wishing he could land another cheapy to seal the deal early and not take such a pounding from ” The Champion Of Commentary”.

I got Merchant winning by Unanimous Decision.

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