Football’s Over? Not So Fast – Early Look At Next Year’s Super Bowl!

NFL,Super Bowl 47It is five days after the big game, Super Bowl 46, where the New York Giants took out the New England Patriots to win their franchise’s fourth Super Bowl crown.  Well, I saw that the internet is starting to see a wave of odds to win Super Bowl 47 up.  That is a bold move, as most books are going to wait until at least April and the NFL draft before making any predictions.  Almost every team has some holes to fill,and it is hard to predict how teams will look at the start of the next NFL season, but here are the top 10 teams most likely to win Super Bowl 47 according to well respected writer Jim Murphy out of Las Vegas.

Packers 5/1
Saints 6/1
Patriots 8/1
Steelers 12/1
Eagles 12/1
Ravens 12/1
Texans 15/1
Chargers 15/1
49ers 20/1
Giants 20/1


It is a good bet that the Super Bowl 47 winner will be one of those teams on this list.  As you go further down the list, the Cowboys, Jets and maybe the Colts may offer some value, but those teams did not look close at any time this season.  Do you really think Tim Tebow can lead Denver to the promised land with a full season?    There are even a few teams on the list above I would rule out.

Number one would be the Philadelphia Eagles.  The level of hype they had going into last season was extreme, and they fell completely flat on their faces.  Combine that with a franchise history of choking and falling short, and I don’t think this team is a player or two away from correcting things.  A nice run at the end of this last season may fool some people into laying some money down on the Eagles, but they aren’t winning anything.  Likewise, the Chargers are probably not deserving of such a high position.

One team I do like that is on the list at twenty to one is the San Francisco 49ers.  They were very close to making a Super Bowl appearance this last season, and more importantly seem to have the pieces in place going into next year.   Adding a wide receiver and getting some defensive backfield help will see the 49ers sitting pretty.

The Giants and Steelers seem to be following similar patterns,  in that they have multiple Super Bowl wins over the years.  They are always in the mix, and every so often the team gets hot and makes a run.  Next year could be Pittsburgh’s turn again.

It is now eight years since the Patriots won a Super Bowl, so forgive me if I don’t bequeath them the title outright.  It is getting to the point with them that they are going to have to win one, or risk the Atlanta Braves/Buffalo Bills ending to their dynasty.

The Packers, Saints and Ravens are the most dangerous teams.  The Ravens are getting old at several key positions, and this may be their last year to add another ring before a major re-tooling.   The Packers and Saints have their titles, the question is will one of those teams rise up and win a second like the Giants just did.   The Packers and Saints, slotted one and two, may have more pressure on them to win going into this next season than anyone else.

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