Freeman Debuts For Vikings On Monday Night Football

The New York Giants are sitting at 0-6 and feeling the weight of disapproval from their fans. Will this awful season continue to get much worse or can Big Blue at least temporarily reduce some of the negativity that has flooded into the organization this season? The incentive to chase away misery is considerable but will the Giants have the resources needed to play well enough to win?

Minnesota Vikings @ New York Giants

Monday, October 20th – 8:30 PM ET

MetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ

NFL Odds: Giants -3

Why The Vikings Can Cover The Spread:

Their quarterback for this game just might be the right man in the right place at the right time. It has been announced that quarterback Josh Freeman, formerly of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will start this game for the Vikings. Freeman has to be thrilled to be out of Tampa, where his former coach, Greg Schiano, treated him quite unfairly in the eyes of most professional football pundits and writers. Getting a second chance with a new organization will make Freeman highly motivated to play his very best. Freeman might not be a particularly impressive quarterback, but he can’t possibly be worse than Christian Ponder or Matt Cassel. Those two signal callers did very little to help the Vikings this season. Cassel was a disaster this past Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Freeman’s arrival could be just the thing that will jump-start the Vikings’ offense and give this team a needed boost in the midst of a massively disappointing season.

The other point to make about this game from the Vikings’ perspective is that their opponent is terrible. The Giants are badly injured throughout their roster. Their offensive line has been wiped out by injuries, and quarterback Eli Manning is not handling the pressure he’s facing. The Giants protect the ball very poorly, giving opponents the game-changing plays they need on a regular basis. There’s very little about New York’s performance this season which suggests that an NFL betting turnaround is about to occur on Monday night.

Why The Giants Can Cover The Spread:

Their opponent is just as bad, and is basically throwing stuff against a wall at this point. Josh Freeman might be happy to be in Minnesota, but he’s the third quarterback the Vikings have put in the starting spot this season… and this is only week seven. No team can function well when it engages in a game of musical chairs at quarterback. Moreover, Freeman is still so new to the Vikings that he’s not going to work with a full playbook. Freeman has to adjust on the fly to the way Minnesota’s system operates. He has to build a bond with his new offensive line and receivers. He’s going to be so unfamiliar with so many aspects of the Vikings’ offense that his best move will be to hand the ball to Adrian Peterson. New York’s defense will dare Freeman to win this game with his throwing arm. The Giants will load the tackle box to stop the run. If Freeman can’t throw well, Minnesota’s going to have a hard time scoring on New York.


The Giants are going nowhere, but neither are the Vikings. The Giants aren’t going to go 0-16. This is the natural spot for them to win a game and cover the NFL spread in 2013.

Pick: Giants -3

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