Georges St Pierre Medically Cleared for November UFC Return!

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The UFC is counting on welterweight champion Georges St Pierre to headline a strong PPV showing in November.

I recommend that UFC President Dana White do a rain dance, pray, sacrifice goats or even resort to voodoo in order to keep Georges St Pierre versus Carlos Condit on track for the UFC 154 offering scheduled for Montreal on November 17th.  So far so good, as word came out this week that St Pierre has been medically cleared and that a November return is on track.  By the time St Pierre enters the Octagon for his next bout, it will have been more than 18 months since he took out Jake Shields at UFC 129.

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The match between Condit and St Pierre has been on the schedule for a long time now, as Condit earned the interim UFC Welterweight title with a win over Nick Diaz in February, and he has sat waiting for St Pierre ever since.  The line sits at the sportsbooks with St Pierre around a 3.5 to 1 favorite for now.

The question about St Pierre has been asked – will he be the same, explosive ‘RUSH” that we have seen in the past?  Has he improved any aspects of his game while away for a year and a half?  Is he more or less likely to finish a fight?  On top of that, as a top draw and being one of the UFC’s most respected champions, will St Pierre be dealing with some mental baggage and pressure going into the fight?  It has been a long time since he was on his knees in the Octagon begging for a title fight – he now faces very steep expectations.

These questions can only really be answered by seeing him fight, so this may be a fight I stay away from when it comes to laying out money.

I find Condit to be a bland opponent, and one that St Pierre would have dominated prior to the injury.

Here is to hoping that in the ensuing 11 weeks until the fight, that neither guy gets hurt, because for the UFC this is a fight that absolutely must happen.  They have had a year of injuries that is unprecedented in the sport, and they sorely need the bump in profile that St Pierre brings.  That bump will come in November if things are OK, it is what St Pierre will bring in the octagon that will remain an open question.

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