Giants versus Patriots – New England Boys Get the F*^& Outta Here!

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Eli Manning - looking to prove he is made from the stuff of greatness by leading his team to victory in another Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 46 is tomorrow night in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the New York Giants are taking on the New England Patriots in a rematch of the Super Bowl 4 years ago.  And the Patriots enter as the favorites, albeit not by much.  Tom Brady is coming off another Hall of Fame, signature season and with the crafty Bill Belichick calling the plays, there is the feeling that this is the Patriots game to lose.  But the Patriots been hiding a lot of holes, and the Giants are the perfect team to exploit them.  So I am going Giants all the way.

The first perceived advantage for the Patriots is that Belichick is a superior coach, and I don’t buy that the gap exists.   Belichick is considered a protege of Bill Parcells, and there is the thought that Belichick has surpassed the old master with his accomplishments coaching.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin cut his teeth on some of the same Parcells coaching staffs, and will have a good insight into Belichick’s style.   The last time the two teams met with so much on the line was Super Bowl 42, when Coughlin’s team shut down the undefeated Patriots by a score of 17-14.

Back when Coughlin got his first coaching job with the Jaguars, he was known as a bit of a boy wonder as a coach on the Giants staff, who had gone on to head coaching success in the college ranks.   He has a Super Bowl ring over these New England Patriots, and his team is poised to go for number two here.  Just as Belichick forged his own career success, should he win this second Super Bowl, it will be fair to say Coughlin is the second great head coach to come from the Parcells school.

The Giants also have a week 9 victory this season over the Patriots to look back on.

Then there is Tom Brady, who is going to the Hall of Fame as the dominant quarterback of his era.  He has a very different array of weapons than he did the last time the Patriots went to the Super Bowl, but he has maximized what he has all year and come thru with a miraculous statistical year.

Eli Manning threw for almost 5000 yards this year, and he threw a few less touchdowns and a few more interceptions than Brady, but the statistical difference isn’t going to be as big as perceeived.  The Giant offense can keep up with Brady if the Patriots start to light it up, and the Giant defense is the better of the two.

Little Eli is not only battling Tom Brady, he also has the spectre of big brother Peyton hanging over his head.  Peyton has always been the more hyped of the two, but a second Super Bowl ring would give Eli the edge and bring him closer to Brady’s fistful.

Eli and Coughlin are not in this game to be underdogs, they are in this game to go ahead and start their own dynasties.

So here at the final hour before the biggest spectacle in all of sports, I’m all in on the Giants!

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