Grappling at BETDSI! Can CAIO TERRA Do This!?!

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Caio Terra in Action! Attacking the arm of Mikey Gomez!

OK, there are Grappling odds at BETDSI.  The Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships 2014 start tomorrow, and for grappling fans and Jiu Jitsu hardcore, the ability to bet on the tournaments is added entertainment.  Grappling is a niche market, a specialty sport without a lot of crossover interest to the mainstream.  But the extraordinary is happening at the Pans this year, as little man Caio Terra has signed up to fight in the Ultra Heavy weight class.   Not only that, but for a guy who has been cleaning up medals, the odds for him to win sit at (+15000) which means a $10 bet pays back like $1500.  Now that might enthuse some betting action.

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Terra has had his best moments at rooster weight, which is 57 kilos, or about 123 lbs.  He is a controversial athlete who has advanced in the Jiu Jitsu world because he is wildly talented and has been one of the top competitors in the world for the past 5 years or so.

The truth is that at this level, men Terra´s size do not have a great record in grappling competition.   Year in and year out, the Absolute or Open weight classes in BJJ and at the ADCC Submission Wrestling world championships are won by men around 200 lbs.

But the odds have to make you wonder if he has a chance.   The bottom line is you are talking about a serious JJ talent who is known as an ego and as a strong personality, and therefore he is likely not doing this for fun or as a gimmick, he intends to win.  And in a scoring system with points, he has a chance at getting by a match or two at least.  And that might make the bookkeepers at BETDSI sweat a bit!

This is from about 8 years ago, and is a good example of what a good little man can do even versus a good big man.  This is part 1 of Marcelo Garcia versus Ricco Rodriguez!

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