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Dean Lister (shirt) will be competing this weekend at the World Jiu Jitsu Expo 2013.

The BETDSI sportsbook has put lines up for the Grappling Superfights scheduled for November 9th and 10th at the World Jiu Jitsu EXPO 2013 in Long Beach, California.  Several big names in the world of MMA, including UFC Welterweight Jake Shields, WSOF’s Jon Fitch and former UFC fighters Rousimar Palhares and Dean Lister.  The match ups are interesting and there are some wide lines on some of the fights which warrants a look at the underdogs.

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There are seven grappling super-fights scheduled, with three taking place on the 9th and four on the 10th.  Jiu Jitsu is like boxing when compared to MMA. It takes the grappling game to a whole new level when there are no strikes involved, and the differences among the top competitors is very nuanced.  A balanced MMA fighter could lack for something in a grappling only match against a full on grappler, just like he would have trouble with a good boxer in a boxing match.

Several fighters actively practicing MMA are crossing over into this event to test their ground game, so kudos to them.  Current, active UFC welterweight Jake Shields is a big (+485) underdog to Leandro Nascimento (-650).  Nascimento has basically owned the Jiu Jitsu competitions he has competed in since 2010, and at just 24 years old, he brings youth to the table as well.  Shields is commonly known in MMA as a poor striker who relies on his grappling to win fights, but in facing Nascimento, he will be testing a grappling game that hasn’t been tested in a while.   Shields will likely be tough enough to hang on and not get submitted, and he will make it hard for Nascimento, but Shields deserves credit for taking the match.

Another very interesting match, and one that is far closer with the lines at BETDSI is the match between Dean Lister and Rousimar Palhares.  Palhares is a slight underdog at (+155) and Lister sits at (-180).  Rousimar is known as a leg lock specialist who was expelled from the UFC because he cant seem to let go of submissions, but in Lister he faces another leg lock expert whose game is likely more complete when it comes to grappling than Palhares.  Nevertheless, if Palhares gets to a leg, he can finish.

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