Grappling Odds At BETDSI!!!! March 29th Is Next!

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WIth Rickson Gracie in the United States, Royler Gracie (above) is the elder statesmen o the Gracie family in Brazil. He returns to avenge his most famous defeat at METAMORIS III.

Less than a month from now, on Saturday, March 29th at the Peterson Automotive Museum in LA, CA comes the METAMORIS III grappling show featuring the long awaited Royler Gracie versus Eddie Bravo rematch.  Once again BETDSI is the only online book out there offering odds on grappling, which is the ground-fighting, technical side of MMA that not everyone in the mainstream is fond of.  Though the grappling isnt for everyone, it is a bold move by DSI to take odds on it, because it is a very refined sub-sport that is far reaching.  In other words, if you follow grappling and keep up with the latest hot names, you probably know more than the odds-maker!

Interested in betting on the METAMORIS III card coming up in March? Keep an eye on BETDSI for odds on all the major Grappling events!   Look for the lines at BETDSI and open an account now!

The big match on the upcoming card is the Gracie versus Bravo rematch, where you get slightly better payback if Bravo wins (he is at +200, with Gracie at +150) and the odds say a draw will be the outcome.  But that is not what I’m talking about, there are no real surprises in those odds.

The odds for several other super-fights are up, and they feature a mix veterans and of fighters who are hot now.  Perhaps the most surprising odds come in the Vinny Magalhaes versus Keenan Cornelius match-up, which right now are at a dead heat.  Cornelius has been one of the most impressive competitors on the circuit for the last 2 years or so, and while Magalhaes is a tested, high level competitor, he has been competing in MMA.  Some guys believe once a competitor has to change his training and preparation to include the striking in MMA, that the grappling game loses a lot of it’s nuances.  Yet here is Magalhaes at (+180) to Cornelius’ (+200).

It is a whole new sport with a whole cast of characters and competitors out there and if you are immersed in the game and can attend the live events and make your bets early on the day of the event, you can almost be assured to be more in the ‘in’ than a guy who probably doesnt even train.

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