Grappling Odds At BETDSI! Metamoris III Is March 29th!

Metamoris III,Eddie Bavo,Royler Gracie

Eddie Bravo’s moment of victory as Royler Gracie sits on the mat dejected (Brazil – 2003)

BETDSI continues to be the only sportbook out their offering lines on the Grappling Martial Arts, and the site is currently putting up odds for the Metamoris III event scheduled for March 29th in Los Angeles. The main event is a rematch of one of the most talked about grappling matches of the modern era, and that is Royler Gracie versus Eddie Bravo.  Right now the Californian Bravo is favored at (-170) with the return on the legendary Brazilian Gracie sitting at (+125).  Let’s take a look at the current match and flash back to the first matchup.

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I feel well qualified to write about the first matchup, since I was not only in the building for it in 2003 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I also served as a judge for the bout.

A great deal of what happened in the bout depended on the rules, as they competed under the rules of the Abu Dhabi Combat Club. Gracie was a multi time champion in the competition and he had top position throughout the fight, and under those rules, he was ahead on points. What Bravo did from the very beginning is work to keep Gracie in close, knowing his tricky triangle was his best shot. When he got it and Gracie tapped after a brief struggle, Gracie sat on the mat and said ‘filho de puta’ (basically, son of a bitch).  He had been caught. His father, the legendary Helio Gracie who has since passed away, got up and walked out of the competition.

Gracie is a legendary grappling competitor from Brazil, and he heads into this match nearly 50 years old. Bravo is much younger, but he hasn’t exactly been a prolific competitor so this is basically a legends match.

There are reasons to look at betting Gracie as the underdog, however. Whatever the rules of the competition, expect Gracie to know them and be ready to use them. Should Gracie get up in points, he has an excellent defensive game and a very hard competitive mindset where it is very difficult to get points back against him.

The sites have all kinds of odds on how the finish s gong to happen, but in a battle of two master grapples, quite frankly a stalemate is more likely than a submission finish. Bravo caught him the first time as a relative unknown and it would be an amazing feat to pull off twice, even after more than 10 years.

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