GSP Worst LB for LB UFC Champion?


When he comes back, GSP better be ready to show the fans something different.

Last week I did a blog about Georges St Pierre pulling out of his October 29th welterweight title fight against Carlos Condit at UFC 137.  Despite being a huge draw on PPV for the UFC, part of my theme was that it looks like we may be seeing the decline of GSP starting.  One solid indicator has been the rise of other UFC Champions in the pound for pound list that GSP used to dominate.

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Now, as I stated I don’t really get into creating lists of my own, but for the sake of this discussion, let’s put together a list in order of pound for pound goodness for the seven UFC Champions, in the seven weight classes.  Though obviously some people are going to crucify me, an argument can be made that this is exactly where we stand today.

#1 Anderson Silva (Middleweight) – I don’t think I’ll get much argument here.

#2 Frankie Edgar (Lightweight) – Hey Dana White said it, so it must be true.

#3 Jose Aldo (Featherweight) – He had crawled into the top five overall on most lists, then caught a focused Mark Hominick and looked a little flat.  However you can’t argue with his skill set or his record.

#4 Jon Jones (Lightheavyweight) – Has been as dominant as anyone ever in the UFC thus far in his career.  And oh yeah, he is undefeated.

# 5 Cain Velasquez (Heavyweight) – Another young, undefeated and dominant champion with a wide skill set.  Finishes fights, he will take you out fast if you make one mistake.

#6 Dominic Cruz (Bantamweight) – Another young dominant champion who has showed a wide skill set.  Coming off a dominant defense where he easily handled something he never faced before, a faster opponent.

#7 Georges St Pierre (Welterweight) – One of the most dominant UFC champions of all time, has started receiving criticism lately for not finishing and not varying his game plan much.

Now I’m sure some people can nit pick some of those placements, but I also think that list might find a lot of people that agree with it.

If I wanted to be generous to GSP, I think you can move him to maybe 5th on the list, and bump Velasquez and Cruz down a spot each.   I think probably Edgar is too high, but he is riding a wave of success.  Move Edgar down to 5th, and GSP makes 4th.  No way I can rate him ahead of Silva, Aldo or Jones, however, meaning the former top 2 fighter on this list is starting to slip.

So, I sit here ready for a lively discussion.  Let it rip, boys….




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