Heavyweight Boxing: Brits Bring Local Grudge Match To World Stage?

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This is Tyson Fury. DO NOT mistake this clown for a world class boxer, he is trash.

It looks more and more like British Heavyweights David Haye and Tyson Fury will be fighting each other later this year.  Both are highly rated heavyweights, despite the division being dung, and by the way, yes, that is what they are flinging.  The trash talk is ratcheted up at it’s highest level, and it is anyone’s guess where the line will come out on this fight.  The Brits are sharply divided, and if anything might lean Fury’s way which is a good thing.   The bottom line is that Haye is a far superior boxer who is about to expose the fraud that is Tyson Fury.

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Tyson Fury is tall, but unfortunately for him, he is anything but athletic.  He has been able to win and keep an undefeated record because he has fans and someone (daddy?) is carefully selecting his opponents.  Ok, he hits stiffs hard, but come on.

Fury came to the USA to make his debut against Steve Cunningham.  Cunningham is good enough that he sat Tyson Fattie on his butt in the 2nd round, but then like a good soldier he succumbed.  Cunningham is best described as ‘serviceable’ or maybe ‘ambulatory’.  Tyson left the USA with everyone thinking he is an embarrassment.

And David Haye, for all his bluster and nonsense, is a real boxer.  He had a nice amateur career and has fought a ton of better competition than Fury.  He has prepared for the Klitschko’s (and he fell on his face there) but a taller opponent who isnt even in the same galaxy of skill as Klitschko should not be a mystery to Haye, who has a big punch but can also settle in and finish a twelve rounder picking his opponent apart.  He beat a guy taller than Fury for a World Championship.

Fury’s best opponent is Vinny Maddalone, who is a veteran way past his time.  If someone had a breast pump at that fight, it might have been more productive with the titties on the two.

The catch is can Haye overcome the size difference, because in skill and everything else, he is head and shoulders above Fury.  Fury is more suited for Pro Wrestling, but even there, athleticism is required.  By the end of 2014 Fury will be sitting on a couch talking about himself and weighing about 350.






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