Hottest Wives & Girlfriends NBA 2013

With so many divorces and girl swaps, it’s hard to keep up with the NBA players wives and girlfriends. However,  #BetDSI tried our best to show you the top 10 hottest and luckiest women that became the most ‘significant other’ of the NBA stars this season.

We start with:

#1 Adriana Lima*** Wive of the Chicago Bulls: Marko Jaric

# 2 Gabby Union*** Girlfried of the Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade

#3 Vanessa Bryant *** Wive- ex – wive again of the L.A. Lakers: Kobe Bryant

# 4 Amelia Vega *** Wive of the Atlanta Hawks: Alfred Horford

#5 Keyshia Cole*** Wive of the Cleveland CavaliersDaniel Gibson

# 6Leia Sergakis*** Girlfried of the Denver Nuggets: Kosta Koufo.

#7 Alani La La Anthony *** Wive of the New York Knicks : Carmelo Anthony

#8 Monica Denise Brown*** Wive of the Phoenix Suns: Shannon Brown

#9 Gloria Govan*** Wive of the Los Angeles Clippers: Matt Barnes

# 10 Daniella Grace*** Girlfried of the Los Angeles Clippers: Blake Griffin


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