Houston Texans Regular Season Total Wins Betting 2012

Houston Texans Regular Season Total Wins Betting 2012


The Houston Texans made the playoffs for the first time in 2011 having won 10 games good for first in the AFC South. BetDSI Sportsbooks current live lines display the Texans as an over under of 10 ½ games due to a weak division bringing a fairly weak schedule.

The Texans offense is very potent and can keep up with anyone in the league when all is healthy. QB Matt Schaub has proven to be a really good signal caller and puts up big numbers being paired with one of the best receivers in the game Andre Johnson. Kevin Walters is a good number two receiver and Owen Daniels is one of the better tightends in the league. Their running game is one of the best in the league with Arian Foster and Ben Tate.

Houston’s defense has been known to give up big points hampering the team for a few years. This season they lost defensive end Mario Williams to free agency (Highest ever for a defensive player) , and even though the Texans have been injecting youth every season via the draft they may have downgraded their defense this year. Not wanting to pay Mario Williams and selecting a DE first pick of their 2012 draft may come back to haunt them.

The Texans drafted DE Whitney Mercilus out of Illinois with their first round pick of the 2012 draft. They are hoping he can fill in for departed Mario Williams but those are big shoes to fill. Attempting to get a guy that can stretch the field they picked up WR Devier Posey with their third round pick .

Houston Texans Schedule:

Week 1

vs Miami Dolphins

Week 2

@ Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 3

@ Denver Broncos

Week 4

vs Tennessee Titans

Week 5

@ New York Jets

Week 6

vs Green Bay Packers

Week 7

vs Baltimore Ravens

Week 8


Week 9

vs Buffalo Bills

Week 10

@ Chicago Bears

Week 11

vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 12

@ Detroit Lions

Week 13

@ Tennessee Titans

Week 14

@ New England Patriots

Week 15

vs Indianapolis Colts

Week 16

vs Minnesota Vikings

Week 17

@ Indianapolis Colts

Houston Texans Regular Season Total Wins Betting 2012 :

The Houston Texans made huge strides last season and could make larger ones this year, but are they really a two win improved team than in 2011? With the line at 10 ½ I have to go under all day here as the Texans have not won 11 games in a single season yet in their short franchise history.

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