How Beautiful Is The NFL’s 2011 Pre-Season ?!

Just a little over a month ago we all questioned if we would even have a full season; with players suing owners and in some cases massive lay-offs for stadium staff, the situation looked bleak. Even President Obama was asked if he would intervene on the lockout.  He was quick to reply in a statement, being more concerned with our economy,   “I’m a big football fan, but I also think that for an industry that’s making nine billion dollars a year in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way.”

Which leads us to the title: How Beautiful Is The 2011 Pre-Season?!


A large consensus of sportswriters, journalist, and public were beginning to think that we were in for a short season.  Lets be honest.  Even if a guy were to throw for 2,500 yards and 25 touchdowns in half a season, people would simply speculate on what he could have achieved with a full season, instead of truly praise what he did accomplish.


With career back ups entering pre-season games at a high rate, and coaches sometimes not even creating a strategy to exploit the other team’s weakness. It’s enough to make you ask, “Does the pre-season even really matter?” I would have to say its clearly situational.  For instance, when the Kansas City Chiefs lost in a nasty shutout to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where Tampa’s offense racked up 353 yards. That game being the first of the pre-season; some would say “Who cares, no big deal, its just the first game of the pre-season and these games don’t even count towards anything.”  On the other hand, when The New England Patriots comes in on week two and Tom Brady picks up from last year throws for  118 yards and 2 TD’s in just the first 6 offensive series to start the game, that one clearly matters. Its only week 2 and The Patriots are coming back in same form as last year, with some added weapons to boot.  So, HELL YEAH these games matter!



This is a time of year a majority of fans don’t really concern themselves with football that much. Some think preseason doesn’t matter or holds little weight.  However this is the time where we, the die hard fans of football, and the coaches come out to watch young stars in the making. This is the time of year we get to see our teams young, newly drafted players flash a little skill for us and leave us drooling on whether we got a solid player or team. Everyone wants their favorite team to smash the competition. They want to see their starters light the opposing starters up for a quarter or two. Then see their back-ups stomp on the opposing teams back ups just to know they have great depth incase any injuries should happen.


Making bets on pre-season football is wildly fun as well, due to the lack of ability to know who is coming in the game and when.  Some player “Joey Bagging Groceries” who in the next coming months will be doing as his name indicates.  Can and will come off the bench to possibly throw a wrench in your bet, or make your bet a win! I say this with all due respect because as we all know they are hitting the NFL fields with achievements and physical ability that we as mere mortals we could only dream of.



This years pre-season is special, lets soak it up, and be grateful we have it.


Have fun watching your favorite teams, and watching your fun pre-season bets everyone!


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