I Never Want To See Jason Miller Again…

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Miller could do nothing but take a beating at the hands of Bisping. After all his talk too....

When I look back at my blogs, I think I actually got sucked in to the Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller bandwagon and I gave him a chance to actually win his fight against Michael Bisping.  Instead what we saw out of Miller this weekend was the same old Jason Miller – he isn’t a good enough fighter to talk like he does.  He can’t back up his mouth with actions, so let him go back to the independents where he belongs.Miller has been a bit of a nomad in his training, but he has spent years training with some of the best people in the business.  Add to that a motivating return to the UFC, which has to feel more like the big time than ever, and a spot on the reality show for season 14.  Despite the hi jinks of the TV show, you would think it was also time dedicated to training, preparation and improvement.  We were supposed to see the best Jason Miller we ever saw in this fight.

Instead what we saw was Miller gas out in three minutes after a good start where he controlled but never threatened.  After the initial burst, he had really nothing to offer.  As Bisping gained confidence throughout the second round, Miller became wilder and wilder and less effective.  His face started to swell up and he was bleeding from the nose.

By round three, it was certainly questionable whether Miller was capable of intelligently defending himself.   At times he was rolling around awkwardly with his legs flailing, and other times he resorted to the turtle for defense.  Neither worked, as Bisping methodically hunted him down with precision strikes standing and ground and pound on the mat.

This was clearly the biggest fight of ‘Mayhem’s life.   To come in and give a performance that weak only means one of two things – either Miller really didn’t care and he didn’t take it seriously….


Despite being knowledgeable and well trained, Miller lacks what it takes physically to be a world class athlete.  I tend to think this is more the case.

Word is that UFC President Dana White was disappointed in Miller’s efforts and is considering letting Miller go.   This would be OK by me.  It would free Miller to paint his hair red and gold and talk his way into another TV series.  Take him back to his roots, you can call it the ‘Trailer Park FC’.  I hope to never see Jason Miller again.

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