If I Could Be Like Dirk


Wouldn’t it be awesome to be Dirk Nowitzki right now? He is the NBA Champion and MVP of the finals. Everybody respect him, not only because he won the finals, but because he played with heart and ended up beating the hated Miami Heat.

I don’t know about you but I was upset before the finals started because no one in the East could beat the Heat, the Mavs were my only hope and I wasn’t sure about them; yeah, Lebron and Heat hater right here, I don’t care.

Anyways, going back to the theme, Dirk has become such an icon because he beat the Heat that now he has a song like the one MJ had back in the 90′s. Check it out:


The funny thing about this video is that it makes me want to be like Dirk and who doesn’t? Fame, money, and a NBA ring, plus he will be remembered as the guy who beat “the big three” a.k.a “the threesome” in their first season together. In addition, he’s now out of the so called “shit list”, a pathetic list of great players who never won the big one; and guess who still in there? Yeah, King James, “womp womp.”

The cool thing about these videos is that when you are playing B-ball with your boys you actually felt like Mike back in the days and now kids feel like Dirk. Can you imagine the kids emulating Lebron James?

Just picture it… “like James, I want to be like James…” then a kid invites his buddy to play but he goes: “sorry bro, I have to take my talents to South Beach…” That’s why the world is still is a cool place, when if the so called King wins a Championship I will start watching other shit on TV.

By the way, here’s the original video on MJ… boy the 90′s were awesome:

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