Is Strikeforce Serious? Daniel Cormier vs Tim Sylvia May Be Next!

This week, news broke that STRIKEFORCE Heavyweight Tournament winner Daniel Cormier underwent surgery to repair his broken hand.  Additionally Cormier stated he wanted to return to the ring before the end of the year.   The befuddling part is that the name being tossed around as a potential opponent is former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia.  Really?  Is there no one minding STRIKEFORCE?  This is a stunning development, as Sylvia has really not done anything to earn a shot at Cormier.  Let’s look at this bout -

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When Tim Sylvia was at 265 lbs and holding the UFC Heavyweight title, he was massive.  You could pull a projector out and show movies or slides on his back.  Now at over 300 lbs, you could do the same thing, but the picture wouldn’t be so good because of the back fat ripples.

Daniel Cormier will not be challenged by Sylvia if they fight, this is simply giving an inferior product and fight to SHOWTIME, and actually the TV executives should be up in arms over it.

Zuffa could easily send over talent by the end of the year to face Cormier in STRIKEFORCE.  How about sending over a Mark Hunt, or a Roy Nelson?  Both are not likely to take out Cormier, but Hunt is a tough customer with skills Cormier has not seen, and Nelson is very hard to finish.  If Cormier finishes Nelson it says something.

Or Stefan Struve?  Could a wrestler like Cormier resist a takedown against a guy that tall, and then take out a guy with good JJ?  Or how about Fabrizio Werdum, the man that submitted Fedor?  Let’s test Cormier’s defense on the ground.  there are so many scenarios that are better than Sylvia.

It is many months before Cormier will be back in the ring.  If the powers that be see this with a charitable heart and feel like bringing in Tim Sylvia for a last big payday, how about they do it around the July 7th UFC?  They could pit Big Tim in a Cherry Pie eating contest against Cormier.  I believe Tim has a legitimate shot in that one, and Cormier will have plenty of time to get ready for a real fight afterwards.

Check out this recent Tim Sylvia fight.  He is on a 2 fight win streak since this gem.  What I noticed is he weighed in at 311 lbs.  The one upside to bringing Sylvia back is he is certainly not on ‘roids anymore!  His titties told me so!  Enjoy.


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