Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Review

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Review


The Jacksonville Jaguars do not have a plethora of Fantasy Football weapons, but what they do have is a top 10 pick in running back Maurice Jones-Drew. With that the jaguars are locked in a nasty contract battle with Drew at this time despite year in and year out being the best player on the team.

In 2011 Maurice Jones-Drew had career highs in rushing attempts (343) and rushing yardage (1606 yards) to go with 8 touchdowns and 3 more scores receiving. If he gets back in later in the training camp it may just be best for his body after so many carries in a single season. Should the hold out continue into the season many Fantasy Football teams will be without a high first round pick.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are standing firm stating they will not discus new terms with Drew , however this holdout lasting until season seems unlikely. Their second year quarterback Blaine Gabbert really needs his stud halfback to take some of the pressure off as he tries to progress.

Gabbert did not show us much last season, he fumbled the ball 14 times. He did however throw 12 touchdowns to 11 interceptions as a rookie and with terrible receivers so he did show some signs of life. Still he will not be a viable starting Fantasy Football QB for 2012.

Moving up to select the top wide receiver in the draft Justin Blackmon over top corner Morris Claiborne was certainly made to help their investment of Gabbert at QB, and try to put the first legit receiver the team has had since Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith. Blackmon should be off the Fantasy Football draft board late, around the 110th pick.

It looks the Jaguars do not have much to offer this year with Maurice Jones-Drew in dispute with his contract and Blaine Gabbert not showing us why he should be our starting QB after his rookie season. Justin Blackmon is not likely to light it up his first year out so we will pass on all Jaguars prospects unless Drew comes late in the first.

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