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Horn, truly a working class fighter of the highest level

I was reading the SHERDOG piece on Jeremy Horn, and it really fell short, truly didn’t do Horn justice for the energy and enthusiasm he gave to the early days of MMA.  This guy was one of the first who made MMA his sport, and for that he deserves credit.

Let’s look back at November 6th and November 7th of 1998, because if you look at it, Horn did this several times throughout his early career.

Living in Iowa at this point, he would drive to Illinois and fight in the SFC, a decent promotion for the time.  The promoter Brian Madden passed away of a heart attack, and the best fighter to come from there was a guy named Jermaine Andre, who had a cup of coffee in the UFC.  Those fights were Friday nights.

After the show, Horn would get himself to Evansville, Indiana to fight for HOOKnSHOOT the very next day.

On that day in 1998, he fought a 250 lber named Jerome Smith at HnS, who despite a poor record was a handful.  Smith would take a rookie named Frank Mir for the full length of the fight in Mir’s debut.  Horn of course won the fight, but Smith popped him one and gave him a HUGE shiner.  Horn spent the rest of the night compressing his eye with a cold spoon.

One of the other fighters who can maybe match Horn with road warrior stories from the old days is Travis Fulton, and he fought and won that day as well.  Travis also fought on the SFC card the day before, and he wound up with a grotesquely swollen, blood filled cauliflower ear.

So at one in the morning, the HnS matchmaker and Horn are standing in a CVS.  Horn has a black eye, he is holding a spoon to his face, and they were asking for needles to drain Fulton’s ear!  The sceptical look on the pharmacist was priceless!

But Horn was young and boyish, and the matchmaker had his wits about him, and then Fulton was in the car with his ear looking like a fist.  So they got the needles!  Horn spent the rest of the night in a fleabag $40 dollar Evansville hotel alternately holding the cold spoon to his face, and puncturing Fulton’s ear to drain the blood.  Seven syringes full of blood were removed.

And here is where Horn really deserves his dues.  That was 13 years ago, he was a kid, and he has made some money and earned some fame along the way since then.  But you get the feeling the guy loves the sport so much and is such a genuine person, that he would do exactly the same thing again under the circumstances.  You can’t make a story like that up.












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