King Mo – Bellator and TNA Bound!

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King Mo Lawal a pro wrestler? On the surface, he has the charisma, but pro wrestling is a whole different animal.

Earlier this week it was announced that ‘King’ Mo Lawal, who was suspended for steroid us and subsequently cut by Strikeforce parent company Zuffa earlier this year, has signed a multifaceted contract with Bellator FC that will also allow him to participate in TNA (professional) wrestling.  The deal was apparently orchestrated by executives at VIACOM, the parent company that also owns SPIKETV, where the Bellator product will likely end up starting in 2013.  So it is time to ask – what is Bellator’s policy towards Performance Enhancing Drugs?

There are other questions and reminders.  I don’t really know King Mo, and I know he is an NCAA wrestling stud, but I have never heard much of a pro wrestling buzz around him.

An let me tell you, between MMA, Boxing and Pro Wrestling, probably the hardest one on the body and mind is pro wrestling.  Not everyone is cut out for it.  Just ask the old WCW pro wrestling group about their great ‘Tank’ Abbott experiment.  Signing a guy to a pro wrestling contract and then trying to figure out what to do with him is a hit and miss proposition.

And TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling has already had a gimmick where pro wrestler Jeff Jarrett was an MMA fighter and he did these deplorably bad matches and called it MMA.   If they even go down that path again, they will ruin any chance King Mo has as a commodity.

And here is the part for TNA that is new territory.  Can they actually script King Mo to lose?  I don’t see how he could be sent into a Bellator tournament, even if he passes drug tests and gets a license, with an average, run of the mill character in TNA.  So now there are going to be a great deal of veterans and people that have been paying their dues that may have some resentment towards King Mo.  It is going to be a management thing.

And Bellator may think they are replacing Hector Lombard, who went to the UFC, with a bigger and more talented fighter, and in that they are probably right.   But the UFC let Mo go because they didn’t want the baggage associated with the positive drug test, and the Tweeter tirade that came shortly after it.

Bellator operates in states and locales with commissions that are not nearly as strongly funded as the Nevada or California commissions (with the exception of New Jersey).  It will be easy to keep Mo away from Jersey, and maybe they dont really care about the PED thing over at Bellator.

But the bottom line is they couldn’t match Lombard’s offer from UFC, and they have picked up the scraps, it looks like nothing more right now.  Let’s see what they make of it.

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