Looking Ahead: Carlos Condit versus Georges St Pierre…

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Does anybody recognize this man?

When I look at it from the UFC’s perspective, it seems that if Carlos Condit does defeat Georges St Pierre in their upcoming UFC 154 Welterweight title fight, it will be really bad for the company.  Carlos Condit has been handled so poorly by the UFC that he is a completely useless asset with no name value whatsoever.  The only way he can contribute to the good of the sport immediately is to get beat by St Pierre and just fade away.

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Right now, the books have the line at St Pierre favored -355 with the comeback on Condit at +265.  And the UFC has started to plan accordingly.

They are already talking about GSP potentially getting the superfight with Anderson Silva in 2013 if he beats Condit.  And that might result in a one show boon in ratings and income.  The weird thing is that the UFC has not hedged their bets at all.

Letting Condit sit for 8 months, where he could have had between one and two fights to put him out in the public eye and raise his proverbial ‘Q’ score, the UFC is not ready for a Condit win.

The UFC has not even popped for his plane ticket in terms of being a presence in the audience and getting interviews and being accessible to the press at the myriad of UFC events that have taken place over the last gew months.  If he was there, it barely blipped on the register of the mass public.  Additionally and frankly, Condit is a bit bland on the charisma side, and could have used all the help he can get, but the UFC has just plain ignored him.

Should Condit pull of the upset, it would create a great mix of talent in the Welterweight division.  Jon Fitch, Nick Diaz, Jake Ellenberger, Martin Kampmann, Johny Hendrix, Rory MacDonald all would make for unbelievably solid competition for the belt for the next 18 to 24 months against Condit.  GSP would be out of that mix with his superstar, superfight status.   But the UFC is not interested in a competive division, they want the payday that GSP versus Anderson will deliver.

So it should be more than clear that the UFC wants GSP to win this upcoming November fight.  Consider there is a lot of money involved, and the fact that the still young sport of MMA has been devoid of any serious upsets at the Championship level since it’s inception (No one was setting odds when Maurice Smith took out Mark Coleman).  Take a good look at this fight, this might be the one…..

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