Looking Back – Andrei Arlovski Asks Tim Silvia….

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Tim, is that Andrei on your breath?

I’m going to do a little blogging about some of the personalities and some of the trash talking in the sport of MMA.  I’m certainly glad I found this old interview by young Ariel Helwani which he did for MMARATED.COM.  It is with former UFC Champion Andre Arlovski, who has left the UFC and joined Affliction.  The interview is primarily about that change and of course, his upcoming match with Ben Rothwell.  It is near the end of the interview where Helwani changes it up a bit, and Arlovski just leaves me laughing.

Arlovski was coming off a bitter rivalry with Tim Sylvia, another former UFC Champion.  They had fought a trilogy, of which the last chapter was fought 2 years prior to this interview, however they still didn’t like each other.  For the record, Arlovski won the first match, with Sylvia defeating Andrei in the last two fights, securing him the victory in the  heavyweight trifeca.

Apparently, Helwani, the interviewer, had heard that Sylvia was dating a former ex girlfriend of Arlovski’s.  Now I know Tim Sylvia, and it is safe to speculate that Tim had some fun at Andrei’s expense, letting people know about both the Octagon defeats and that he had gotten the girl too.

So Helwani asks Arlovski how he feels about Sylvia dating his ex girlfriend.

Arlovski is clearly uncomfortable, but he reacts well.  He says he doesn’t want to talk about it, etc.  Then you can see that Andrei cannot resist getting one last barb in on Big Tim, his old rival.

It’s especially funny because Arlovksi speaks reasonable English, but it is not his first language.  He is trying not to curse, but he is trying to send a shot towards Sylvia while not crossing the line, and the result is positively Borat!   He smiles and asks…

“If he did do something with her, I want to ask, hey Tim, how taste my big peepee?”

I’m going to go ahead and embed the interview here for you guys, so you can enjoy it in all it’s hilarious PG glory!  It is short, it is under 3 minutes, and the sequence I’m talking about starts at the 2 minute mark.

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