March Madness Has A Bluegrass Feel in 2012!

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The Wildcats of Kentucky are the odds on favorite to win the 2012 NCAA College Basketball Championship.

After a crazy season of college basketball that saw upstarts and perennial powers jockeying for position in the Top 25 all year things have finally settled down as we head into the final four.  After the smoke cleared on what has been an exciting tournament, the Final 4 winds up with several of the usual suspects, and one big favorite going in as the Kentucky Wildcats seem to be hot at exactly the right time.  Ohio State and Kansas will engage in a digfight to get to the Finals, where most people expect John Calipari’s Wildcat’s to await them.  First, the ‘Cats will have to get by state rival Louisville in what looks like a little Bluegrass on Bluegrass violence!

Kentucky is rightfully favored, and they are the only number one seed to survive into the Final Four.  The media has fallen in love with Calipari’s team, and there has even been talk that in a one game showdown, the Wildcats could take out some of the lower end NBA teams (like the Toronto Raptors, Charlotte Bobcats or Washington Wizards).

But in the opening round they face Louisville, a number 4 seed that already took out a number one when they defeated Michigan State earlier in the tournament.

This will be the first time two of the state’s mega-programs meet in the final four, which should lead to a whole new level of madness for this game, as both schools travel a lot of fans.  I have a feeling this game may come down to coaching.

Both schools are coached by two of the most polarizing figures in all of sports – Kentucky with John Calipari and Louisville with Rick Pitino.

The similarities are there.  Both were young coaches when they came to national prominence, and both had failed stints in the pros before returning to the college ranks to lead powerhouse teams.  I have long thought that of the two, Pitino is the better coach, while Calipari is more of a master recruiter.

So I have to give Louisville a chance in this game.   They are such a big underdog too, that the dog chance is looking good.  If they can’t stop the Kentucky juggernaut in the semi final, you can almost write in the finals, because Ohio State and Kansas won’t be able to stop Kthe Wildcats.



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