March To Be Completely Mad – Picking It The Smart Way!

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The brackets for 2012.

From early on in this college basketball season, there has been a feeling of chaos!  The number one spot in the country changed hands early and often, and it was late in the season when traditional powerhouses started to consolidate near the top of the rankings.   Several top teams faltered heading into the conference tournaments, and then conference play saw several of this year’s favorites fail to win their tournaments.  It’s crazy this year, so I have decided to take a different approach to picking a team this year.

Take a look at how the odds are shaking out for the 2012 edition of March Madness:


Most of the time, the office pool or tourney bracket at the local bar always has some yahoo (sorry folks, but it’s usually a girl) who knows nothing about basketball but does extremely well with their picks.  Usually a considerable amount of offensive, misplaced trash talking goes along with their undeserved success.  That is going to be me this year.  Forget looking at the numbers or stats.

I am going to make my pick to win the whole thing just based on gut feeling with no logic whatsoever.  What else can you do in a year when the title looks more up for grabs than ever!

North Carolina earned a number one seed, and I have had players from my High School go to play ball at NC, so I could pick them.  But I won’t, mainly because I don’t really like the color of their uniforms.

Syracuse  also earned a number one seed despite dropping the Big East tournament.  I go back a bit, and I can’t help but get apoplectic at Syracuse over the slothful career of Derrick Coleman.  How can I root for these guys?  I can’t.

Another number one seed went to front runner Kentucky, but I just find it hard to root for Calipari, he is too oily for me.

That leaves Michigan and the Spartans.  Let’s get back to them, shall we?

The two seeds, all powerhouses.  Kansas, Missouri, Duke and Ohio State.  Man I haven’t actually rooted for a Kansas team since Danny Manning.  Duke cannot be my favorite, I have nightmares about pre game parties where college age boys are body painting each other, so that is out.  Ohio State?  The entire Portland Trailblazer management and fanbase are against you and your Greg Oden broken goods!  And me too!

Could a sleeper, like Louisville come out and win it all?  I can’t wish for that.  How can you like a school that gave us ‘Never in Service’ Pervis Ellison?

Georgetown?  I get confused, they have too many John Thompson generations in their history, and it makes me feel old.  UNLV?  Not without Tark the Shark they ain’t goin’ nowhere.  See now you know I am old!

Or Murray State?  Man, the only team that got thru the season with one loss.  There was a mean guy named Murray when I was growing up, he was the kind of neighbor that would not return your ball if it fell in his yard.  So I can’t dig them.

Oh man it is getting weird, so it is time to pick a team.  So ‘TONITE WE DINE IN HELL!  Sparta was a hell of a movie.  And Michigan State is the Spartans.   Hey I am all in on the Spartans!

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