Mayweather versus Guerrero – It Is Fight Week in Vegas!

This weekend on May 4th, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada the traveling road show that is Floyd Mayweather Jr returns to the ring for a match against Robert Guerrero.  Guerrero is sitting a big underdog (+500) at the sportsbooks, with Mayweather favored at (-700).  This has been the case since the line was issued, and since the fight was announced really – no one gives Guerrero anything more than a puncher’s chance against ‘Money’.

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The World Boxing Council’s Welterweight belt is on the line in the match, and the two men have been subject to weigh ins at 30 days and at 7 days before, as well as the final weigh in the day before the fight.  Both men have been only a few pounds over the 147 lb limit for the fight.  Both fighters are avoiding a harsh weight cut, and as a result both should be fresh and strong for the fight.  That’s an advantage for Mayweather.

There does appear to be an air of seriousness around the Mayweather camp that is unusual.  Mayweather is a shrewd businessman, but the new 7 fight, 36 month deal he signed with HBO has to be some kind of pressure on him.  But with an entourage and infrastructure like he is surrounded with, Mayweather is unlikely to have selected Guerrero for the shot unless he felt confident he would start the contract off with a win.

Guerrero is a solid fighter, with a sturdy chin and a tendency to get into slugfests.  He comes forward, and Mayweather is counting on his usual hit and not get hit style to target Guerrero.

Sometimes you have to look at the intangibles, and Guerrero has a lot of them.  He is a crowd pleaser in the ring, has a touching story (his wife overcame a battle with cancer) outside the ring, and he has been calling Mayweather out for a long time.  Though the public sees this as a case of ‘you might get what you ask for’, Guerrero may be motivated by what he sees as a date with destiny.   Of all the big underdogs in boxing around now, Guerrero might be the one that would be most fun to watch the aftermath on!



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