Megumi Fujii: MMA Likely says Goodbye To A Ladies All Time Great!

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Megumi Fujii will go down in history as one of the top female fighters in the world and a true pioneer for women’s fighting.


Earlier today, at the SHOOTO event called Vale Tudo Japan 2012, female straw weight Megumi Fujii defeated Mei Yamaguchi in what is likely to be the last fight of her stellar career.  She won 22 fights in a row to start her off in MMA, and suffered just 2 iffy decision losses in Bellator.  Her stand out record is at 27-2 with this final win, and she will go down in history as one of the sport’s most technical fighters.  With UFC President Dana White on the Ronda Rousey bandwagon, it has diminished what women have done for the sport since 2002, when Jeff Osborne‘s HOOKnSHOOT produced the first all women’s card in the United States.  ’Mega Megu’ was at the forefront in MMA and Submission Wrestling since the late 90′s.  She will be missed.

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The main thing to remember is that if the women’s divisions are done correctly, and the UFC does not look like they have the stones to do it, we will have a tremendously competitive league to bet on.  And I would have bet Megumi all day.

Her streak of 22-0 is unmatched in men’s MMA.  Fedor, Jose Aldo and one or two others were close.  If anyone matched it, it certainly was not at the highest levels, where Megumi fought for her entire career.  Many of her earlier fights were at 125 lbs before the 115 lb weight class suited her, and she won all her fights none the less.  Her record of 27-2 is stand out by any standards, and she is a hall of fame class fighter.

Her wrestling, her speed, her technical abilities in submission, particularly leg locks, were unmatched in the early days of women’s MMA.  A women’s pound for pound list would have seen her ranked #1 for years.  Across genders, her skills would have put her in any top 10.

Fair thee well, ‘Mega Megu’ you will be missed.

Take a look at this highlight package, enjoy and say good bye to the one of the greatest pound for pound fighters that we have seen:

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