Melendez versus Masvidal – Jeff Wagenheim Needs to Drop Dead!

Hopefully MMA fans, real MMA fans are asking who in the world is Jeff Wagenheim?  Well this TOOL writes MMA coverage for CNN – Sports Illustrated and he consistently shows that he is a journalist prostitute who is content to write and cover a sport he knows nothing about.  Additionally, he expertly combines ignorance and arrogance in a package that really shows he knows absolutely nothing about MMA.

This weekend was the last straw.  He ignorantly dismisses Masvidal as a fighter from Kimbo’s streetfighting group, and that is about as idiotic a simplification a supposed sports journalist can make.

Look, Melendez is a top 3 fighter, and he clearly won the fight with Jorge.  But to dismiss everything Masvidal has done in MMA in his 9 year career shows this so called journalist has no integrity what so ever.  At least most MMA coverage is provided by websites like MMAJUNKIE and SHERDOG – so hopefully not too many people see this guy’s work.

Go to YOUTUBE.  Sure there are a few backyard fights that Masvidal did when he was young.  I can see Wagenheim saying ‘Masvidal versus Melendez?  Gee I know nothing about Masvidal I better check YOUTUBE.’  And that is the extent of the work he puts into the article.  It can only be.

Masvidal is a professional fighter with nearly 30 official fights, including victories over several fighters on the UFC roster (Yves Edwards, Joe Lauzon).  He originally trained under the Avellan Brothers at the Freestyle Fighting Academy in Florida, and those guys are very underrated in the quality of their ground technique.   His boxing and kickboxing are dangerous and he has since moved to American Top Team, where if your not legit, you get chewed up and spit out very quickly.  It is a fact that though young and wild at times, Masvidal has always been a very hard worker in the gym and he has been dedicated to learning his craft for over a decade.

So Melendez did his job and won, against a very credible fighter.  Is Melendez better than Masvidal?  I think he established that in the fight, so that is not the point.

The point here is that Sports Illustrated is one of the best known and legitimate sports journalism news sources in the world, but they have failed at adapting to and covering the relatively new sport of MMA by having a complete moron write about it.   SI has some other writers that do a good job of covering the sport, but they have slowly started featuring more and more of Wagenheim’s work, and they are affecting their legitimacy by doing so.

Wagenheim admits to being a sports journalist for 20 years, and he states on his website that he stopped reporting on sports for 5 years.  He has been reporting on MMA since the end of 2010.  That is almost a year!   Wow!

And this isnt a piss contest about who has been in MMA longer or that crap.  This is about a guy who is insulting to the men that are paying his bills.  I would dearly love to see him tell Masvidal he is inferior to his face.

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