Metamoris III: Grappling Event Is A Draw-Fest!

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The action at Metamoris III this weekend featured a lot of laying, crawling, butt-scooting, hugging and as illustrated here, jogging, but there were few finishes to speak of.

There is a saying I am going to adopt for the Metamoris II event that fits perfectly. “Grappling is like fine jazz, the better it gets, the less people like it”.  This past Saturday in California, the Metamoris III Grappling event bought together one of the biggest non-ADCC grappling cards of all time, and the BETDSI.COM sportbook was the only one out there taking action on these matches.  And after the event was over, there certainly was a strategy to bet these events that would have made

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One of the keys to betting the grappling events is the rules.  In particular, Metamoris matches that go the full time limit end in a draw, with no points allowed for position or wins by only dominance and control.

At this level of grappling, the most likely result is a stalemate.  Especially with the attention and the nature of a super-fight, the competitors are much more likely to be cautious and not even try moves that are potentially risky.  And remember, these are the elite of the field, so it is unlikely that there are many real surprises that are going to be pulled off.

The Keenan Cornelius vs Vinny Magalhaes match was a good bet to go to a draw, however Magalhaes was replaced late by Kevin Casey, so that bet would have been off.  Cornelius won by submission, but betting a draw with a late replacement signed 30 minutes before the fight is to be avoided.

The much anticipated Royler Gracie versus Eddie Bravo re-match had it’s moments for both men, but utlimately ended in a draw.

Dean Lister ended the fight with a dirty butt, he butt scooted so much.  His opponent Renato Sobral was determined to survive and not engage, so the match ended in a draw.

Clark Gracie and Rafael Mendes in a transition filled technical match that was a treat to watch for the hardcore fans.  After 20 minutes, the match was a draw as well.

Though you had to lay out a lot of money to bet the draws, if you had bet draws across the board on this event, you would have emerged on the plus side.


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