MLB Betting: World Series Predictions

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox truly were the best teams in baseball over the 162 games of the regular season. They have escaped the first two rounds of the playoffs and will now get to vie for a world championship as a result. A MLB betting heavyweight fight approaches.

2013 World Series Preview: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox

Odds To Win Series: Red Sox -129

Why The Cardinals Will Win

When you size up this series, St. Louis’ best asset is its 1-2 punch in the starting rotation. Being able to throw ace Adam Wainwright and emergent shutdown starter Michael Wacha in Games 1 and 2 will give the Redbirds every reasonable chance to grab a 2-0 lead in the series before it shifts to St. Louis for Games 3, 4 and 5. It is true that St. Louis might need to win each of the first two games, given that Joe Kelly is the Game 3 starter and Game 4 is a point of uncertainty, but Wainwright and Wacha might give the National League champions the ability to get that 2-0 edge. Wainwright’s curveball is so good at the moment that Boston’s hitters will not have an easy time sitting on fastballs. Wacha’s stuff is so electric right now that Boston’s hitters – who did not see him during the regular season – will have a very hard time picking up the release point and being able to take confident swings at the plate.

One point to keep in mind about the World Series is that American League rules are used in the American League park, while National League rules are used in the National League park. If St. Louis can at least split the first two games of the series, it will take away a good hitter from Boston in the middle three games at home. Boston will have to play David Ortiz at first base in order to keep him in the lineup. This could give St. Louis an edge on defense in those games.

Why The Red Sox Will Win

Anyone who watched the American League Championship Series has to be really impressed with the Red Sox as a complete team. Boston faced superior starting pitching against the Detroit Tigers but was able to win in six games, anyway. Boston’s starters did really well, but what was even more noticeable about the Red Sox’ performance against the Tigers was that their defense, baserunning and bullpen work were all so much better than anything Detroit managed. The Red Sox stole bases, didn’t get thrown out as many times, didn’t commit silly errors in the field, and shut the door in the pen whenever they had a lead to protect. Boston won three one-run games in that series, and you don’t do something like that by mere accident. The Red Sox are a really good team if they enter a game tied or down by one run heading into the final three innings. Their bullpen, led by closer Koji Uehara, got all the big outs against Detroit and didn’t crack once. This kind of reputation is going to matter in the late innings of close games in this series, and it’s a powerful reason to trust the Red Sox in the heat of competition during this Fall Classic.

Who Will Win?

This looks like a long series, one that will be decided back in Boston for Game 6 or 7, but in the end, the Red Sox’ bullpen and defense will probably create a little bit of separation between Boston and St. Louis. Baseball betting fans should go with the American League champions here.

Pick: Boston To Win The World Series In 6 Games

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