MLB News: Congratulations Jim Thome On Entering The 600 Club


Congratulations Jim Thome On Entering The 600 Club!


Jim Thome of the Minnesota Twins on Monday August 22 hit 2 HR’s in a single game to became the 8th player in MLB history to reach 600 home runs at 40 years old ( willie Mays said ” welcome to the 600 club” in a video displayed on scoreboard of the stadium). An absolutely amazing feat and absolute shame that Jim Thome is not receiving the media credit he deserves for such an accomplishment. Leading up to this chase there was little to nothing on sportscenter, in the papers, and on mainstream sports forums. Even after acheiving it there is little spectacle for the man, who playing in a era where steriod scandals have wreaked havoc through baseball, its superstars reputations, and the record books. Jim Thome has yet to have his likeness brought up in or near any of it.


Lets take a look at the history of the 600 club and I think you will be floored by how badly the steriod scandal has rocked baseball. I hope the MLB and the sports world soon will realize how much baseball needs a guy like Jim Thome to be an ambassador to the game.




Aug. 21, 1931: Babe Ruth playing for the New York Yankee’s vs. George Blaeholder of the St. Louis Browns.

Sept. 22, 1969: Willie Mays playing for the San Francisco Giants vs. Mike Corkin of the San Diego padres.

April 27, 1971: Hank Aaron playing for the Atlanta Braves vs. Gaylord Perry of the San Francisco Giants.

Aug. 8, 2002: Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants vs Kip Wells of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Aug. 9, 2007: Sammy Sosa playing of the Texas Rangers vs Jason Marquis of the Chicago Cubs.

June 9, 2008: Ken Griffey Jr. playing for the Cincinati Reds vs. Mark Hendrickson of the Florida Marlins

Aug. 4, 2010: Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees vs. Frank Francisco of the Texas Rangers

Aug. 15, 2011: Jim Thome of the minnesota Twins vs. Daniel Schlereth of the Detroit Tigers


Amazing that out of the eight people to hit 600 home runs in the history of baseball, three are now either known to have taken steriods, or have they’re names thrown around in the scandal: Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Alex Rodriguez.

Many of times feats in baseball and lesser deserved stories ( now that we know all the facts) have been insanely covered by the media. For an instance Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa’s chase to be the first to break Roger Marris’ single season home run record of 70 HR’s in 1998.


Are you floored and amazed yet at how much steriods and it’s scandals have impacted baseball in the modern age?


Within recent memory, apart from Jim Thome with an untarnished reputation, there is just Ken Griffey Jr. who as much as he is respected, and had an amazing career. Could have put up the greatest hitting numbers ever, if he could have stayed healthy throughout his playing days.


The very fact that I’m here explaining about how remarkable it is to have Thome in the 600 club as one of two clean players in recent memory, instead of analysing his historic stats, and speaking on how his home runs were hit that very historic night is pretty disheartening.




Jim Thome we raise our glasses to you, even if a week late I wanted to give credit where it is due! I think in the future you will get more respect that you so deserve for your amazing acheivement. Thank You for a brilliant tarnish free career, we wish you the best of luck in your immediate future in the MLB, and hopefully as a future coach and ambassador to the great game of baseball.

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