MMA and Performance Enhancers – Another Look!

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AListair OVeree's UFC career is in limbo at the moment due to an abnormally high amount of 'horsemeat'.

I was talking with a very well respected doctor this weekend, and I asked him about the whole testosterone treatment that has been all over the MMA news in recent weeks.  He gave some very interesting insights.  I also want to take time and mention that UFC President Dana White has spent the weekend revamping his lineups for upcoming UFC’s because of the issue of PEDs and testosterone treatments, and he is on record as saying that his company will come down hard with regards to users of PEDs.  But do the UFC’s actions match up with their rhetoric?  Let’s have a look.

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So finding hugely inflated testosterone readings (some reports say Alistair Overeem tested 14:1 to high for normal levels of testosterone) is highly indicative of bad doctoring.   If a patient’s testosterone level is low, shooting them up to 15 times what would be normal is not really the proper way to apply a therapy.

And it is unusual that among a pool of roughly 250 athletes (let say the UFC has 250 fighters under contract) in the prime of their lives, or close to it, are all suffering from this lack of testosterone.

Dana White says they are going to come down hard on users.  Of course, this is under certain circumstances.  Dana also announced the next opponent for Jon Jones will be Dan Henderson, one of the most respected fighters out there.

Before any and all testing is done by the commissions, Dan has a lawyer file paperwork with the commission explaining that his doctor has found low levels of testosterone and that he gets therapy for this condition.   Never mind that we are talking about a man who has been considered an elite athlete his entire adult life.  He goes to a doctor says he is a little tired, or that he is feeling sluggish and isn’t what he once was, and the doctor prescribes testosterone.  No shit Dan, at 41 you aren’t going to be what you were at 22, but as long as a doctor says it is ok and you report it, you will be fine.

Antonio Silva is now in the co main event of UFC 146.  Antonio also has a history that includes a suspension for PEDs.  But he is in the co main event now.

Those are just a couple of examples of how the UFC and Dana White are really powerless.  They are going to come down hard on users, which will be a reaction, because they are powerless to stop it pro actively.


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