MMA: Put A Wig on Scott Coker and Have Him Belt Out A Tune!

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Since the ZUFFA purchase, Strikeforce exec Scott Coker has had his hands tied when it comes to the roster of fighters.

It certainly looks like the fat lady is singing on another STRIKEFORCE event.  As we churn into October, there is still no set opponent for Daniel Cormier in the main event of STRIKEFORCE’s November 3rd card, scheduled for Oklahoma City.  Now, it appears as if the co main event, the Lorenz Larkin-Luke Rockhold 185 lb title match, is also falling apart due to an injury to Rockhold.  The event is roughly three weeks away, and may turn into another cancellation casualty.  Without the two main events, the SHOWTIME network could elect to not air the event, much like they did the last time with STRIKEFORCE.

It certainly was disappointing to see the last STRIKEFORCE cancellation when the main event of Gilbert Melendez and Pat Healy fell apart due to Melendez’ injury.  Unlike the UFC, who recently got a lot of bad press for their cancellation of UFC 151, Strikeforce has not made any effort to take the remaining scheduled fights and move them to another card.

This is the second match (the Melendez match was the first) where the champion is the fighter that suffered an injury.  Now what parent company ZUFFA does, (see GSP for one example) is to set up interim title bouts.  This keeps the title in play, which pleases the networks and the casual fans, and sets up opponents for the champion’s return.  Sure, the interim titles have their critics, but at least it keeps fighters fighting and prevents the cancellation of shows.

Because the November 3rd STRIKEFORCE event is hanging in the balance.  Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has had  several opponents turn the fight down, and it will be more and more difficult to get a credible fight the closer we get to the event.  We have been waiting weeks for a replacement.  Finding an opponent for Lorenz Larkin shouldn’t be as difficult, but it needs to be done quickly.  Hanging over both fights is the necessary approval of the SHOWTIME network.

So get ready to have some extra betting money, as it appears another betting opportunity will be going by the wayside.   And keep your money if they announce Tim Sylvia is taking on Daniel Cormier – the odds on that fight will be astronomical!


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